[BUG LOGGED] ATC speak english and german words


i have a question about the ATC and why does the ATC speak English and German words together.
I come from Germany and have also installed the “United USA-English” language package.
Even uninstalling the language package and reinstalling it did not bring any improvement.

Is this a bug from last World Update?

Best Regards Hendrik

since the update from April 13th. ATC speaks a foreign language.
As with some updates, ATC is now speaking “Denglish” again - I thought that was over.



Yes same here
Flying along side ATC callsigns of FFFFFFFF7198 and L…6322 and those with Chinese characters in their call signs ??

During my last flight with Real Live traffic ON, the ATC was communicating with a plane with the callsign “Waypoint 154”. This plane was heading to EBBR. The plane responded also with callsign “Waypoint 154”. The callsign was continuously “wrong” until that Real Live Traffic plane was landed at EBBR. Till now this happened to me only after the update to

EDIT: Probably it was because I used the ATC European Phraseology 1.4. MOD. I did some more tests and switched to the standard ATC file. Several hours of observing ATC traffic at EDDF seems everything is normal now.

Have you checked your Windows language settings? Make sure it’s set to English (United States) and you have installed all the components in that language, like Speech recognition, Text to Speech, etc.

Do you happen to know which ICAO Airline flight was that? I do find some inconsistencies with Live traffic callsign but this is due to outdated ICAO database that they use.

For example, since I fly around Indonesian archipelago often, we have an airline with ICAO Code CTV with a callsign “Supergreen”. The problem is, there was also a pilot school in Spain with the same ICAO code of CTV that has a callsign “Are Aviacion”. Apparently the sim uses this older CTV callsign instead of the current CTV callsign.

Maybe it’s the same in your case, there might be an issue with the reference database where that ICAO flight code has this “Waypoint” as the callsign.

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yes indeed RealLive Traffic and ATC is very buggy currently…

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Moin my friend,
I haven’t changed anything. Everything was fine before the update.


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Thanks for your info @Neo4316! I think my Windows language settings are OK. I will check again, also text to speech settings, speech recognition,… if I observe again a wrong ATC call sign with Real LiveTraffic I will try to document more (Flightnr, ICAO airline, destination, and make some screenshots,…) and make a Zendesk ticket!
Happy Flying!

EDIT: Probably it was because I used the ATC European Phraseology 1.4. MOD. I did some more tests and switched to the standard ATC file. Several hours of observing ATC traffic at EDDF seems everything is normal now.

Same here.

A wild mix of English and “German words pronounced in English”. I never changed anything of the Microsoft language packs. Never had this problem before. All required packages and their related contents are installed.

When listening to the ATIS the sim uses the word “Taupunkt” instead of dew point for example.

Also the ATIS text msg does not stop scrolling after frequency change to the tower. Sometimes the ATIS is even audible after frequency change.

Some messages that I transmit are not audible. The only thing I hear is the microphone click at the beginning of the transmission and I can see the T light on the radio panel in the C152.

I could switch the simulator language to English but it used to work before.

Mentioned bugs recorded and uploaded on YouTube (might take some more minutes to work):

The wrong pronunciation can be heard at the beginning of the video and after vacating the runway. Furthermore, the ATIS doesn’t stop at the end of the video when I leave the ATIS frequency.

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Same with me since the last or second last Sim update. Switching game language to EN-US solved the problem. Prior to the update, the english voice output also worked with the in-game DE-DE language setting. Hopefully they get this bugfixed with the next update.

Hi. Same here in Italy. Atc speak English with some word in Italian…

Ah okay , the last updates in the end of march and now in april , have so many errors.
I think in the moment makes the simulator no fun more.

Yes - this is to my experiens! Whis every update thei fix errors but allso there are always new ones (or older ones agai)
So you are right - that makes not fun. :sunglasses:

Actually I thought that one would have learned from older simulstors, but that goes on with this one too (only say FS2004 / FSX)
With them, however, the ATC and AI aircraft worked much better together.

I had the same issue while language was set to DE-DE. Changing it to EN-US solved the issue. ATC speaks now clear English and not a single Denglish word :wink:
Of course, complete game is now in English but this shouldn’t be a problem for you.


there ist a little fix for this on flightsim.to

Same problem for me (again) after the update last week. Mix of english an german words coming from ATC.

You have to run “atcfix” after every Update.