[BUG LOGGED] Color artifacts and rough gradient, clouds like oil painting

Are those clouds your arrows are pointing at? I don’t see any.

As the OP said:

this post is about various color lines/bands/artifacts introduced with SU5.”

Hence the arrows in the picture show purple banding in the sky which I see a lot since SU5. It is also present in many screenshots in these forums since August, yet not in all. That hints imho on color changes made with SU5 that are not fully compatible with certain hardware. My guess is that it is changes for HDR TV sets that don’t sit well with SDR computer monitors.
Here’s another example: I can clearly see “zones” of purplish and greenish tint within these screnshots (and those effects disturb me on every flight - more or less depending on the lighting). In the first one I marked the borders of these “zones” with black lines, beginning at the bottom with a puplish tint then greenish and so forth. The second one should be self explaining.

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I only brought it up as this thread is about clouds, not colour bands in general. I have seen this the bands in clouds before, but not the colouring. The clouds look as if someone has take a 2D sprite in a pain package, then pasted this down multiple times overlapping with those before. The human brain is adept at picking out these “unnatural” shapes.


According to the title, yes. But if you take a closer look at the OP, it’s more about these weird color issues. The more so as since two weeks ago a few threads dealing with these issues have been merged into this one:


Perhaps all part of a common cause?

Another example from the Random Screenshot Megathread 3:
Although being a nice shot and thus not meant to critisize the poster, it shows awful rasterization in the highlights (sky) and the shadows (ground) , not to mention the purple fringes. I wonder why so many people don’t seem to notice or care.


Too busy actually flying, I guess.

2060S, clouds on ultra …

In another thread about quality since SU5 I shot some footage of clouds. These types are always okay, in my humble opinion.


Hi just wondering how invesigations of this bug are proceding? Have you been able to locate the cause of the severe colourbanding in clouds that I and many others are experiencing since July? When do you anticipate a fix will be available. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I have been trying to get back to the old clouds that we use to have, so decided to have a complete reset of my settings throughout my system and in msfs. I reinstalled my nvidia drivers - custom and clean install, then I deleted the UserCfg.opt file in msfs, then started msfs to create a fresh cfg file. Went into the settings in game and set everything as I usually have, mostly ultra… added and adjusted some nvidia filters using alt-z… I was quite surprised with the outcome, especially after previously editing and changing several settings within the game and nvidia graphics 3d settings to improve the graphics.

I also noticed that the settings in the cfg file had been set higher than my previous settings, which I find strange, sinice I just update the WU5/6 patches and don’t change many option in here…

LoDFactor 4.000000
Enabled 1
Quality 4
LoDFactor 4.000000

Screen shots, maybe will help some of you guys that have bad clouds, I think doing this has improved them for me, and although not as good as the old clouds but are much better than I recently had.

added video clip


Thanks for the tips. I expect to find some PC time later today and will try some tweaks based on your feedback. I know I have a new Nvidia update to install. By the way do you use live weather?

Yes live weather turned on and set

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which filter did you use?

Here are the filters I used, just personal preference really…


Thanks for all this assistance Rosen213.

Anything we can try to help improve the cloud quality while we await an official fix is very welcome.

Based on some of your settings above I investigated my config file and noticed that my precaching quality was 3 not 4 like yours. I also noticed volumetric clouds were set at 3 not 4, so I switched both of these to 4 on my config file. On the ingame settings these have always shown as Ultra. I also installed the most recent Nvidia driver (I had been one update behind), and I accepted a prompt to update my Windows settings.

I spawned, as always, in the last airport I landed, this is EIKY, Kerry International (version from flightsim.to). Live weather was overcast and rainy, so good conditions to experiment. I flew to Ballybunion Golf Course and back. Showery conditions enroute.

Impressions, placebo maybe, but I do believe these changes have improved the ‘in cloud’ experience. There was less colour banding on this flight. There were moments when it felt like the grey-tone clouds of old.

Two caveats - first there was still some green red banding, particularly on the underside of clouds in the middle distance and the cloud quality to me is still often ‘smudgy’ in a way it wasn’t pre SU5. Second I flew in the afternoon, since SU5 I found the colour banding was most pronounced in the evenings.

Overall though this single flight was encouragong. I will try fit in some more flights in the next 7 days and I’ll report back here with my impressions.

Now I’m off to switch some more 3s I saw to 4!

Thanks again Rosen213.

(FYI my LODs are set at 5 without any drop in fps. I am a low and slow flyer and happy with a stable 30 fps)

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Placebo, it goes back to 3 when you start the game.


Ha, I just noticed same when I went back to adjust other 3s. Am trying again just to be convinced. Pity though, I’ll still get in those extra test flights during the week. A wider spectrum of flight conditions will allow a better assessment. I reckon the evening flying times may be key.

Yip, all the 4s reverted to 3. Did a take-off and landing at same location (EIKY). Evening drawing in and the distant clouding continues to have the colour banding as mentioned above but already it was more pronounced. I didn’t go ‘in cloud’ so cannot comment. But it does look like with afternoon flying the banding is less obvious than later evening flying. Need to fly less in the evenings!!

You can set the file to read only, which will keep the settings but I am not sure if the game changes them anyway. For myself the clouds are way better than before I did the reset to everything…

Here’s the Ju52 over London using pre-set clouds early evening.