[BUG LOGGED] Color artifacts and rough gradient, clouds like oil painting

So you see it.

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Hi everyone!
Please post your screenshots of clouds, skies if you notice artifacts. This can all very much help in correcting these visual part errors. The more evidence we provide, the higher the chances of seeing fixes! Thank you all!


there are very interesting comments and comparisons in this thread. I think it has something to do with what we are discussing



All conversations and examples indicate that the quality of the color palette was downgraded at the level of the rendering engine, since the engine code was completely rewritten to run the simulator on the xbox


Exactly what lots of people were predicting - performance gain by downgrading the graphics.
And they’ve always been told they are wrong.

“Render engine compression artefact colour banding”.
You can literally see the color banding on the color palette. Exactly what happens in the sky, clouds, water, etc.
That’s just sad.


The crazy thing is: it happens all over the internet.

Here are just two random examples from the Random Screenshot Megathread : (as always, not meant as an offence against the OP, but to illustrate flaws in the product)

Banding and purple fringes in the sky:

Areas in clouds with no distinctive color variation and noticeable gradients from dark to light, fringes:

Posting more pictures won’t help, I’m afraid.
Reporting to Zendesk won’t hurt. I did, so should anyone bothered by these effects.

We have seen an intensive discussion to the extent of an alleged downgrade after SU5, yet there’s no statement from Microsobo whatsoever regarding this aspect of SU5 so far.
Release notes for SU6 don’t mention any possible improvements so far.

And the truth is: people don’t seem to notice or care.
Here’s somthing for the Q&A, not gaining real traction so far:

Many threads for color banding, fringes and weird colors have been merged into this one with a modest vote count so far, and I won’t be too optimistic about the [Bug logged] tag:

Sorry to sound pessimistic, but I fear we have seen the best of MSFS graphics wise and will be stuck with this new “look”, as that doesn’t seem to bother so many.


This here is another great example of one of the issues:

Oh I really hope not, it is such a horrible feeling flying around now knowing how it used to look.


This is not ULTRA, just an ugly pixelated blob, how people can say this hasn’t been downgraded I just do not understand…

And as for the lighting… well for a start, where is this massive sun glare coming from when in the middle of a massive cloud…?

Oh and the banding…


I would love a graphics upgrade, especially weather. The snow makes me sad.

I run flight sim on Xbox Series X with everything maxed out, airport upgrade.

Using the A320 at Heathrow with clouds and dusk/night I run on a 4K tv @120hz with HDR on and get between 80–105 fps

So yes I would welcome a graphics upgrade

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I can deal with the clouds as they are now, for shure one of the compromises of the xbox port. They may not look perfect but ok.

But what really messes me up are excessive enlighted rural roads in the driest and dustiest Nubian desert far far away from any civilization. That is more of a reason to be angry.

Even here, in the middle of our wonderful industralized world, rural roads have no lighting.

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It shouldn’t be a compromise though, they promised the settings wouldn’t be dialled back and they have been.

I can cope with a few lights where they shouldn’t be, I spend my time in the skies, so want the skies to look good like they used to, they don’t anymore.


Oh my, if there were only a few I would really be able to take it.



@DaveBGaming Yep, it’s just not the same is it.


Wow this is really disappointing.
Seems like the whole fuss about performance gain was just achieved by reducing the overall graphics and rendering engine to a lower level. This could have also been achieved if users turned down the graphics from the beginning.
That way users with high end hardware could enjoy the sim with its full potential like we used to do.

This makes me angry because I know what the sim was capable of.
There are so many graphical issues from colors, shadows, reflections and especially AA. I don‘t understand why this isn‘t bothering more people.


Yes, you have hit the nail on the head here.

I think a lot of us have reached a consensus about what has happened. It would be great if we could really set up a plan to get Asobo to acknowledge this.


Yet another example of horrible color artifacts:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet - here’s a less compressed version of the picture


yes, yes. as I wrote above and provided a link to another conversation where there is a reflection that this is now how the rendering engine works.
ASOBO please, is necessary with it that to do that, will correct, to repair


look at this beauty, why they don’t bring back this night lightning without sepia mask ?