[BUG LOGGED] No wind gusts for Live Weather, broken for both PC and Xbox

I don’t think he should rename the name of the topic. Just add that the gusts not working in the live-weather with the information you posted for the devs to see.

I think the custom weather issue is related to live-weather issue too. I hope that when the gusts working in custom weather it will also work in live-weather. Seb didn’t tell us that but i know that the gusts has been missing in live-weather since the gusts was broken in custom weather.


Actually I think that @sydicek is right, if you just start reading it… it sounds like it’s about “sliders”… just needs a small edit that winds gusts are not working , live or custom…smtg like that.
@PopsMcDaddyo wdyt?

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@moderators could you please make sure Asobo see this? this is a perfect example of the gusts problem, with live weather. Unfortunately, during the Q&A the topic missed the fact that gusts are missing in live weather (since SU4). Wind gusts should create significant fluctuations in wind speed and direction. Thank you!


When i look at meteoblue where they say they get the gusts data from it should be gusts everywhere as it should be IRL more or less. Metar reports gusts only if the gust are high enough. Meteoblue is a better source for this because it makes the wind feel more real everywhere. Before SU4 i had those gusts that is reported in meteoblue everywhere more or less. It’s not working after SU4 in live-weather, i’m not getting those rates reported in meteoblue in the sim anymore

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Oh yeah, depending on where the station is located the gusts are reported differently.
I know of many situations at LKMT where the winds were 20 knots gusting to 29 so it won’t get reported unless it jumps that one last knot. We only report gusts when they are 10 knots or more than the prevailing wind.

Taking the gusts from Meteoblue as well would be a cool way to simulate gusts away from METAR stations, that’s for sure.

Hi @MarinaraTrain42,
There are new tags for topics that you can see now if that bug/issue has been logged. This topic has been logged. Meaning, it did get pushed up to the developers. From there, it’s up to them.

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Yes, it’s been logged, however Seb said on the Q&A that he couldn’t properly reproduce the issue and that he needs more info.

That’s why @MarinaraTrain42 tried to ping you again, but I understand that you can’t push the issue more.
I have also filed a Zendesk ticket but somehow I don’t think it will be of any help because this whole thread is loaded with loads and loads of info about reproducing the issue along with videos, pictures, links and IRL situations of what it should look like in the sim.
The Zendesk ticket is: #128178

We are desperate because we don’t know what more we should do to properly brief them about the issue we ALL have.


What will probably happen in these cases, is that that status will change to #need-your-help
There is a presence of Asobo on the forum. In most cases, those tags are input by Asobo.

@sydicek and others too that have filed a zendesk. Can you update your post with that zendesk ticket number? This helps the team that is reading topics in Bugs & Issues to correlate the zendesk submission.

My try at explaining the issue too. I’m using meteoblue as source of reporting the issue instead then we have both covered. Will send a zendesk ticket with the video too.

I use this as a reference of IRL sittuation of gusts when flying. Look at the airspeed indicator.

This is me flying look at the airspeed indicator and the wind speed. I show the wind and gusts in the meteoblue webpage in the video. The gusts are not injected properly in live-weather as you can see.

Zendesk ticket: #128195


Thank you, I’ve updated the post with the ticket number… it has been marked as Solved however.

Great! Thank you.
Solved means they took your submission and was input into the devs internal tracker. So basically from Zendesk to the Devs.

Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification!

They already do that in liveweather as Seb said in the q&a, the thing is it’s not working anymore. Before su4 it was working too. I could have variations in wind direction too. Now it’s almost constant with little to none variations in the wind. I wonder if Seb tried it where it’s reporting big gusts in meteoblue because i can’t find one place where it’s accurate. I hope they bring it back with the fix in custom weather in su6.


And don’t tell me it’s because of the temp because the temp was 2 degrees at the airport in the latest video i posted and still it reports big gusts on meteoblue. It can be big gusts on low temps. Here in Sweden most of you know that it’s mostly cold here if not on the summer but we have the strongest gusts on the autumn or winter. On summer when it’s hot it’s mostly calm weather. Maybe there is more thermals up&downdrafts but thats not the same thing as gusts i’m sure of that. Because gusts can form far away from where those occure and thermals form locally. The gusts also forms often around buildings and such things but that is also localy gusts. I don’t believe Meteoblue meassures the gusts around buildings or a thermal. They measures the globally formed gusts or from storms and such things.

Those gusts we will have back in the sim as you had it before su4 they don’t need to be perfectly simulatade because i think thats impossible to achieve. In that case i think you need to simulate the forming of the storms and hurricane and things like that. Random variations of gusts if those are reported in meteoblue/metar i’m totally fine with.

The upper limit of the gust/windspeed should be at the reported gusts on meteoblue/metar. The lower limit you can decide bacause that’s not measured anyway. It can go as low as 0kts i think. Maybe have the decrease in windspeed at random aswell. We don’t care as long as the wind fluctuating, that’s what makes the flying more dynamic.

Now when they are gone we who can feel that the gusts are gone can’t describe with words how we feel. It’s like the difference of day and night in my opinion.



Sorry guys! I apologize. My work schedule has been crazy.

I don’t know if I should (or could) change the Title wording now that it is tagged as

I really appreciate all you’ve done to keep this topic alive. It was your efforts that got this in front of the Devs during the Live Dev Q&A. I just started the topic, but yooze guys did the heavy lifting. Thank you so much!


Hi @PopsMcDaddyo,
You can edit your title, but keep the [BUG LOGGED]. When topics are logged, we also use custom tags and the link to the topic (links are independent of the title).


Thank you.

I updated it to include Live Weather.


Gotcha! I just updated the title.


If @sydicek approves maybe include the test he did in the first post you did in this topic too. I think it’s good to have there too under the custom weather settings with an edit for live weather?

Landing challenge Sedona with gusts 2020 at release. This is how it was in live-weather too at release until su3.

Look at both his landings and you see how unpredicted the flying is on the approach with gusts, the second landing it was less gusts on the runway that made the landing smoother. Two landings are never the same with gusts on.

Look how the airspeed indicator fluctuating up and down (wind speed fluctuate “gusts”). Makes it much harder to land.

Landing challenge Sedona without gusts as it is now in live-weather too.

Look how steady the airspeed indicator is (windspeed not fluctuate “no gusts”). Makes it much easier and predicted to land.

Totally different experience when the gusts are gone, hope that you can see the difference between those clips now. For me it’s not a challenge to land anymore.

Try the sedona challenge your self and then compare with the video from 2020 if you can’t feel the problem. Then look up a gusty place in Meteoblue or whatever you use to inject the gusts. You will never get that experience now over the runway i’m sure of it. I’ve tried many places in live-weather with metar or meteoblue.

This is a real landing at sedona in gusts not in a cessna 152 though

You see how close this landing looks to the first one in 2020 clip. I think gusts makes it much more realistic and challenging to land.