New Tag System

Hello everyone,

Collecting Community Feedback is an important part of the MSFS improvement process. Thanks for your support! Recently we started to provide updates by adding the [BUG LOGGED] tag to threads’ titles but we’re aware that a clearer visibility on Bug report threads is needed. We won’t be using [BUG LOGGED] anymore.

Starting this week, we will use specific tags to improve visibility and understanding of a thread status.

Please find below the list of official tags we will using from now:

image The team is aware of an issue and currently investigating
image A Community Feedback is logged in our database to verify the bug
Note: If the feedback is verified as a bug, the thread’s tag will be changed for “Bug logged”

image The issue reported by the community is logged as a bug in our database
Note: Once logged, the team will be working on a fix for a future update

image Unable to reproduce, need further information
image A workaround is available
image The issue previously reported is now fixed on the current version of the SIM

Each category of the Bug & Issues section has a Dashboard displaying these new tags under columns.

For any threads regarding the SDK section, please use the MSFS AnswerHub platform

Click on the asset below to access the Answerhub:

Asset post mortem

The ‘Resolved bugs’ Dashboard gathers all fixed bugs on the current version of the SIM:

Dashboard Resolved BUGs

Dashboards below display all Bug threads with official tags:

Dashboard Aircraft Systems

Dashboard Airports

Dashboard ATC Navaids

Dashboard Install Performances and Graphics

Dashboard Instruments

Dashboard Misc

Dashboard Onlien services & activities

Dashboard Scenery

Dashboard Virtual Reality

Dashboard WEATHER

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