AI Pilot and ATC

Everytime i use the AI Pilot ATC stops working.

I use the AI Pilot only for ATC when i’m away from the PC. But every time i do, shortly after enabeling, i can’t hear ATC only the AI pilot. Also the ATC window shows only the communication which belongs to my AI Pilot.
Is that a known Bug?

Hello, I’ve found an existing topic in the #bugs-and-issues category for similar. This was tagged as feedback-logged and you can find information on these here: New Tag System

This seems to be what you are experiencing?

@ThomasRalph5791 The topic started nearly six months ago. The problem still exists as originally described, and nothing has been done about it :frowning_face:

It happens to me on every long IFR flight. I always delegate comms to AI during the cruise.

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