[BUG LOGGED] Shimmering/AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays)

Would you mind posting some of your screenshots in those sims?

This happens in Windows 10 as well. Windows 11 is basically the same OS under the hood.

latest I remember was the ‘grass topic’ , but there are other screenshots too (e.g) and of course the YT channel. Have in mind that the forum software highly compress the uploaded images.

I’ve posted the following in another topic earlier and I just found out this topic, so I’m copying the content here as well as it is illustrative of the shimmering I can see in VR, and it might be illustrative of the shimmering others are also seeing. I’ve tried to find a good example and I’ve prepared some material to show.

NB: these are shots with a camera on the unscaled VR view displaying on the monitor (they are not screen captures) and they are exactly representing what I can see through the lenses.

First case: shimmering on buildings:

You can clearly see in this video the shimmering on small buildings. What you can’t see much, because I had to cut the video for posting, is that the shimmering is showing a pattern repeating in a cycle.

Also worth noting, near the group of buildings located 1/4th of the frame from the left, and 1/2 of the frame from the top, is that only the smallest buildings edges are shimmering but not so much on the larger buildings.

Second case: shimmering specular/reflections:

NB: Please pay attention to these two specific locations:

Besides the same shimmering on the buildings like in the previous video, you can also clearly see how the specular and/or reflection is showing a pattern repeating in a cycle too.

Hope this helps!


That is exactly what I see on 2D. Lots of shimmering and mess of LOD on distance “Buildings and terrain together”. Shadows are another terrible weak areas which needs to be revisited. Bright and unrealistic light at night on congested cities , exposure on day time, unrealistic airport lighting at night, pixelated clouds, lacking seasons… Oh my god. It’s already over a year and their promises always come to disappointing ends with some exceptions. Even those exceptions bring side affects as bugs ! No proper testing no proper beta flow. Lots of guys reported lots of issues beforehand of SU5 but somehow we had major issues with it ! Actually I all think we’re all in beta right now without NDA :slight_smile:

Actually I don’t hope that ASOBO will fix this issue in short while. Considering the other big major bugs it will definetely take some time and every single day they are going to loose their popularity on their sole strong side: Eye candy.

I wish luck for them. I didn’t buy highest level of hardware and paid o lot money to see shimmer on 4K. That XBOX love has just messed up the sim !


but as mentioned VR and non-VR is different and also developers recommend to separate it , if I understood it correct.

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Nevertheless, even if my videos are from the VR view displaying on the monitor, the problem is seen in both modes and it is not because their are mines, but these are the most descriptive of the problem. Furthermore, it might well be possible the shimmering you experience in 3D is due to the same root bug affecting the viewdir vector Maths I’ve documented in this VR post (only because it is easier to view this bug in VR than in 3D):

[BUG] Shader code ‘viewdir’ and shadow/light rendering are inconsistent on right eye - Bugs & Issues / Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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I hope tomorrow it will be fixed in WU6, please


81 votes so far, let’s keep em coming guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyone notice any difference today in WU6?

Yes, the slow loading times are back!

Yeah when you put your LOD sliders on ultra you still only have view distance of 20 mi or so. If you manually edit the file to lod 10’s then I lost 10 fps. So I went from a playable 18-20fps 4k, to 1-6 fps 4k and 3 crashes getting there…What a Joke!

Also, NO difference in AA!


Yeah no difference for me either… still looks terrible in 2D…

I ran the update, loaded up the sim, tested it out and quickly shut it down… not even gonna bother flying until the AA is fixed.


Dito, same here ! VR + 2D


We asked for an AA fix and instead we got this:


The Antialiasing is still broken. Asobo please fix it in the next simupdate 6. With the lot of shine and shimmer it isn’t playable in VR. Also in 2d it is much more worse than in simupdate 4.


we have to wait for this issue to be solved, one month or more :slightly_frowning_face:

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From now on I don’t hope anything positive from ASOBO. They messed up the code and worsened this with Xbox further ahead. They couldn’t figure out how to manage all these mess. All updates come with another side affects. There is something looking obviously not right in core. For AA, DX12, mouse issues, cloud visuals and working weather system: I pray god.

After a year if we see bugs circle in loop and happen again (thunder in clear skies , terrain spikes etc) that is a real indication about the future :raised_hand: They are not giving the right attention to right aspects. All they care eye candy and money. Nothing more. By the way wasnt AA is part of eye candy? Oh they fail even on this :joy:


what happens when you replace the AA with oversample? i’ve lost all confidence in whatever AA settings they say they have and just throw power at the problem. more pixels.


At least they have improved the WU6 by delaying 2 weeks. Did you think waht would we see in the sky what if they had not delayed ? :wink: :slight_smile:

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