[BUG LOGGED] Unable to leave group, flight options greyed out - Xbox

Hello everyone, some adjustements have been made server-side. Let us know if you are still experiencing the issue! Thank you for your help.

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This issue is still very much valid.
Cannot change anything, so I wont be pkaying this game until it has been fixed as it makes the game very boring very quickly. So many bugs in this game starting to make me double think whether I shall stick to this game or not.

I have the same bug on XBOX Series X till I joined a group a while a go. I stuck in these settings I can’t change any weather conditions or date/time. Always the settings fall back to this group-flight-timestamp some weeks ago.

This is a gamebreaking bug. Please fix this issue. :disappointed_relieved:

When I did this, it fixed my own problem, … BUT:

The other player in this group have this problem since then. So sadly this gives the problem only to another player. :weary:

Agreed! This did fix the problem! I had one of my US (east) friends invite me to a group and instantly fixed itself when he disbanded.

This doesn’t work i have done that and still can’t leave group any advice??

THIS works!

I am experiencing this issue still

I am still having this issue. been stuck in ‘group mode’ for a week now. don’t have many friends in the sim and nobody is ever online at the same time for me to try joining and leaving a group. please fix this issue.

I joined a group on Xbox and I joined there game they were on east and I’m in west and it changed my server to east when I joined and my weather has been going crazy switch to day night time to and my sever is stuck on east
And they controlled the weather when I joined idk plsssssss helpppppoop I wanna fly

Try to get anyone to send you an invite . Join the new group then leave.

What if your Group menu won’t drop down? That’s the problem I’m having. I can’t leave any group.

These issues are getting really annoying. I don’t understand why they let these problems linger.