[BUG LOGGED] WU6 and night lighting broken

These issues are just gutting to say the least.

Any updates from the team on this?

i bet it will be fixed with next SU. I prefer they take time and make a correct fix

No way. Console players need a hotfix. This is not something that can be strung along.

It’s broken with no work around.

Lights are broken but not the sim. It starts and you can fly. i prefer a good fix later than a bad too quicly done hotfix

It’s not like the extra time will help, remember this update was delayed for polishing.

Guys, go read the dev update: [BLOG] September 9th, 2021 Development Update

There are some bugs discovered this week from the recent update and we plan on releasing a hotfix in the coming week.

Night lighting/Render Scale Broken: A setting less than 100 will cause no lights to appear, and a setting greater than 100 will cause the lights to float. Workaround: Set your render scale to 100 (PC only). This will be resolved in the upcoming hotfix.

Which is good, but there has been no word on when a hot fix will be released. Communication is key and again this is what annoys people.

Wut? Next week, it’s written. It says ‘coming week’, not ‘coming weeks’. :wink:

Apologies, I missed that.

I have a same problem too!!!
How to solve this problem?

You need to set the render scale to 100.

But you are stuffed if on Xbox as you can’t change any settings in regards to scaling.


Yes sadly on Xbox you’ll have to wait for the hotfix.


setting render scaling to 100 on some low to mid level computers will send thermals through the roof smoke your cpu or gpu, so yeah - I’ll pass on that

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I created an account to say this problem is on the Xbox Series X version of the game as well. As far as I know there is no slider that you can adjust on the xbox to fix this.


Same for many VR pilots.

In vr with rift s, I was using 90% rs and 1.6ss before this update, now I use 100% rs and 1.4ss and not really any different in performance or visuals. So may just leave it at that even after hotfix.:+1:

Fingers crossed hoping the hotfix gets put out early this week and not at the end.


That’s what I was just thinking. Definitely hope they can make the early part of this week.

As I do 90% night flying, I’ve parked the sim until the fix comes out. Hope it comes soon and not by the weekend