[Bug] Where is The Teide Peak?

I was flying to Tenerife in the Canary Island when what was my surprise I saw that the peak of The Teide (the highest mountain of Spain) is missing, Is the most representative icon of the islands. I suppose that there will be plans to fix visual problems like that in the future.
In game:

The real:

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Yeah I noticed the same!

Is that satellite imagery? If so, I don’t seem to have it in my version of Flight Simulator 2020 for which is Premium Deluxe.

Besides this, the Cañadas are full if trees :wink:

Hi I´ve seen that Teide Volcano is cutted just at the middle of It. Can you fix It In Its totally.

Thanks a lot. Wonderfull job with FS2020 I´ve been flying since MS98

Best regards from Tenerife.


Hi guys, mount Teide appears amputated, no peek. This is the most recognized point of Canary Islands, it’s the place where half the world has traveled at least once. Please include it in the next update!!

pls report it to Zendesk

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Ok, i will !!

Thank you very much

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Several famous mountains have really poor meshes and are barely recognizable. The only thing to do is flooding Zendesk with reps.

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Zendesk is the only option if you want any hope of this being fixed.

Teide volcano in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) is not correct. The mountain is missing half and is split in half. Please check the island of Tenerife and fix the Teide, thank you very much.