Bug with an aerial, help me please!


i have created more than 26 full airports in France and French Guiana, all works well with : runway, taxi signs, ILS and glideslope, ATC, parking apron, lights, aerial no issue at all using all real data available and publish by french authority.

Whatever I encounter an issue with one aerial airport located in Corsica (LFKS). Don’t know what happend compare to the overs but if I can start a flight, when I try making a downwind above the sea each time it crash. When I remove the aerial I don’t have any issue. No idea how to address this point? is someone can help me ?

I have built and delivered all my aerials the same way and I haven’t have any other issue reported, so I am fully lost.

Fix tried:

  • I have rebuild the aerial 3 times frome scratch
  • I have try to crope the aerial to avoid any seashore contact but this won’t work

Airport location : 41.925762, 9.405194
Airport structure available : https://flightsim.to/file/3754/lfks-solenzara-france

What is surprising is that you can start the game, load the flight and take off , but it crash always at the same moment…
Is it a bug with the game some how ?

Thanks for any support dear community.