Bug with RNAV and ILS

So this has happened to me multiple times starting last week. On my final approach with correct landing configuration, I’m tracking the GS perfectly until about 5 miles out, then after going full flaps and slowing to VApp speed, the aircraft descends way too quickly , drops below the GS and if left as is would crash way short of the runway. It’s almost as if going full flaps causes me to lose lift rather than gain it. Even if I gun it full throttle to keep from crashing it can barely get back to level flight and completely screws up the approach. I use live weather, but it’s happened with calm crosswinds or headwinds, so it’s definitely a bug. Has anyone experienced the same thing?

this happens in the aerosoft CRJ or in other planes too?

I had a recent session with a similar issue but mine was that as soon as I went into approach mode my plane (TBM) decided to point its nose to the heavens and nothing I did, short of fully forcing my Alpha yoke fully forward would drop the nose. A/P on or off didn’t matter. Without full forward yoke that plane was on an extreme nose up pitch. In my case this was the second full flight of the session, which I seldom do so I thought that may have contributed to the problem, although that doesn’t make it excusable. Just another one of the multitude of bugs that have yet to be exterminated.

I’m beginning to think we should keep a can of Raid handy whenever starting up the sim. Maybe even if just for the “intimidation factor”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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The Working Title CJ4, but I’ve posted it to their discord and they say it’s nothing related to the mod

It’s possible it’s a bug,

but it might also be you’ve gotten behind the power curve, from which it is hard to recover without gaining speed by diving. You might have too little power in when you’re putting in flaps.

Might it also be perhaps you didn’t need full flaps at that stage? I’m asking on all this, I’m not a jet driver.

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Interesting you should mention that because that is also part of my issue. When it happens, I obviously kill the AP trying to stop my descent and get back to a reasonable altitude to manually land it, but usually at that point it wants to nose up and stall. Even at idle with the yoke all the way forward and applying brakes after touchdown, I can’t get the nose down and end up drifting off the runway. Really frustrating.

I’m 100% sure it’s a bug. I’ve flown countless times with the same landing config in similar conditions, and nothing even close to this has happened. And since it started it has been happening consistently at different airports.

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Flaps add a lot of drag to the wings. More flaps, more drag. There is lift but the drag slows down the aircraft negating lift. This is why full flaps are not used on takeoff. Try using less flaps. Slowly applied using throttle to stay at VApp.

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I think it’s a bug for particular air ports as I’ve had this happen too a few times

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Close to 100 flights in the CJ4 prior to this happening, all with full flaps and perfect landings, so hard to imagine it’s nothing other than a bug. That said, I will try it with flaps 15 and see what happens. I’ll probably need to land at well over VRef speed.

Why would you need to land at higher than Vref speed? That doesn’t make any sense. The point is with this “bug” you’re getting below Vref, right? There should be a combination of thrust and drag which gets you the speed you need at every given point in the landing profile. You’re right, if you get below that, you’ll be behind the aircraft and it’s difficult to make that up once you’re committed.

No, I never said anything about being below VRef speed. I’ll be above Vapp speed usually around 130kts . At 5 miles out I drop my gear and go flaps full and gradually slow to Vapp speed as I have always done for countless flights and perfect landings in the CJ4, but lately, it just starts dropping out of the sky at this point while still at or above Vapp. Also, someone on the Working Title discord reported the exact same issue, and pointed out that the trim goes almost all the way nose up on its own at this point, which is causing the issue. That makes sense because when I try to recover and land manually, it is trimmed all the way up and I have to push all the way forward on the yoke to hold it down on the rwy. Definitely a bug, but it sounds like it might be with the latest WT CJ4 version. I’m going to take it back to 0.11.3 and try the same approach again.

This makes only partially sense since the CJ4 only has elevator trim, no stabilizer trim.
Hence pitch authority/capability shouldn’t be noticeable affected.
E.g. full forward yoke should result in very similar pitch down rates, regardless if elevator trim is fully up or down.

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Depending on the aircraft, full flaps can most certainly add more drag than lift. If you go from two notches to full flaps in many GA aircraft you had better add power, or you will indeed be landing sooner than planned. Not sure about the jets.

Going from e.g. approach to full flaps increases drag more than lift on most aircraft, but a loss of lift doesn’t occur.

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