Build package fails.. (help with errors)

I was editing my current project when all the sudden it stopped wanting to build a .bgl and I was getting these errors… Anyone have any idea where I can start with this?

Just a wild guess: maybe there’s an illegal character in one of your scenery object names?
Had it once, that the editor put some weird stuff like 🟁 at the end of one of the (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy)… object names (guess I made one copy too much…). After removing that, everything worked fine again.

Yup, this is correct. The console will tell you the exact line number of the illegal character, then you just need to open the XML in notepad, scroll to the line number, and clear the character out.

Thanks! I started by deleting my “copy’s” It seems that one of my painted lines I had duplicated seemed to cause the failure. Strange, since I had several aprons duplicated up to that point but only about 3 painted lines when It decided that was a no no. Maybe there is a limit to the overall number of things you can duplicate?