Building Package but not creating .json

Good day,

I was editing an existing airport but after some hours of work, I realize now the package folder just contains the “contentinfo” and “scenery” folder. Business.json / layout.json / manifest.json and the .bgl under packages/myairport/scenery folder are missing when I hit built package.

I must say when I load in editor I can still see all my project, modify, save etc. Its just that its not building the package correctly.

Any idea why??? Thanks a million!!!

I am having the exact same problem!!! I have two airports, different projects obviously but started same time as they are with 10km of each other. One is fine, the other will not generate the manifest or layout.json and as far as I can tell the asset folders are the same. Reinstalled the newest sdk, bumped the community folder, cleared the project, rebuild it.

Building is failing if it doesn’t create those files. Post a screesnshot of the build log

yup my bad, a png was 256x254 lmao. but with the new sdk’s issue I just kinda got ahead of myself. thanks for the reminder.
@marcfootage still send that log if you are having issues!

I deleted my project and started all over again…

But guess what… now sudden CTD when i try to load editor or build package. Just like that, after some hours of work, it just happens.

Now im like an idiot every 5 minutes saving the entire working folder in FSProjects as “save scenery” do not work at all in case of a sudden CTD.

Are you using the new sdk? V10? If so I would just Uninstall it and reinstall the last version and see if that helps.
Also don’t forget to remove all your community folder items before loading a new project, it can cause issues.
Ummm what else, what is it you are building?
Remove your assets and re add the one by one if you have customs

Oh another thing, with v10 sdk adding light paths can cause an immediate ctd.

Well I discover whats was causing all the mess…

I was copy pasting (objects, aprons shape, lines, etc) without puting a name on it.
Then it autogenerated a name like: (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) and that was causing a CTD.

Now its too much work naming everything i want to double but at least its working :smiley:

Thanks for the help!

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Hi everyone.
The same is happening to me.
I have edited several airports with ADE F20 adding lights to the platforms at night, but with SDK version 0.14.1 I try with LEZL and, after saving scenery, I hit Build & Export without success. This is the message it throws:

Por favor, ¿alguien sabe cómo solucionarlo? Estoy desesperado. Gracias.

I have the same issue, did you find a solution ?