Buildings are not looking sharp

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Think that this is discussed a lot of time before but I can’t get buildings looking better. Maybe I have accept this is the max but hopefully someone gets better results.
This is just more important when I fly with the H135 heli. For fixed wing flying it is fine as I won’t go that low :wink:

Tried different kind of settings and watched a couple youtube vids to see if I can improve things.

I am running RTX2070 8GB and have attached my settings and screenshot. My internet capacity is around 150mbps.


This is photogrametry.It has nothing to do with graphics option and hardware.They are ready made images from satelite,streamed to us as they are.
It’s up to Asobo for better images and not to your hardware


This can be caused by building in configurations the AI does not “understand” or simple hiccups in internet connection (your end, theirs and and all spots between).

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Internet connections do play a large roll.

sometime it helps when you erase both cache in the msfs setup

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Some PG is old or inferior and until it gets replaced by either new data or hand drawn objects we are stuck with it. End of story although exceptionally poor internet can present a lower LOD.

However there are still some locations that are very good in comparison, Wuppertal in Germany is a favourite of mine although it needs much attention to it’s monolinth trees.

Increasing the LOD(terrain/objects level of detail) will make the photogrametry terrain and buildings more detailed. But it will also consume a lot of MEM and VRAM. Once the VRAM is exhausted, the SIM may CTD…

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Thanks for all the replies!

Indeed I erased already the cache and did rebuild. So, then I know that there is not such room for improve settings!

Thanks again!


LODs change the distance which terrain and objects seem detailed and not adding or removing artifacts-textures on them
That is a common missconsemption

Thanks for clarification :+1:

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