Buildings in many cities, e.g. NYC, are very poorly rendered

Hello folks,
I’m using MSFS Steam on a Windows PC. I’ve recently noticed that in some cities, especially New York, most buildings, bridges and some of the terrain is very poorly articulated/rendered, some incredibly distorted, as you can see from the screenshots. Steam validation is ok, and I have the latest downloads. The buildings render the same whether in MED, HIGH or ULTRA mode. Paris and London, for example, seems to be much, much better, other cities around Europe may not have the realism, but the buildings at least are clearly rendered. Is there a fix, or is this something that is known and being worked on. Appreciate everyone’s consideration, and stay safe.

same problem for me, i can’t even see live traffic aswell and i have only low quality terrain, it takes time to load for me


(On Xbox Series X)

I don’t know about anyone else but I have noticed this as well only in the last few days. I chalked it up to me finally catching up to the Bing maps problems people have been complaining about. Flying over the last few days has been weird. The terrain in general is really patchy, going from the photorealism mixed together with a Minecraft pixel art style. It does come and go but I really notice it when higher in altitude, things look really blocky and blotchy. I even had an incident last night where I was moments away from touchdown and a town materialised outta nowhere right under me causing me to flinch, pull back on the elevator because I was skimming the tops of newly spawned buildings.

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You can have some of my traffic if you’d like, way too many cars sometimes with me :rofl::rofl::rofl:

What was your Internet speed when you took these shots? I ask because the only time NYC looks like that to me is when I’m having connection issues.

This is from a little flight I just took out of KLGA.

There has been a banner at the top of these forums for at least the last week to 10 days (that only goes when cancelled by the user), that explains that there are issues with the servers affecting AI generated buildings, photogrammetry and Bing streaming data. It’s been this way for some time and they’ve stated they hope to have the issue fixed for WU6 (due tomorrow).

Whilst it’s not really good enough for these server problems to be occurring, this relentless piling in and ‘what have they done to this game’ nonsense is getting a bit tedious.


Thanks for the great photos…that’s the kind of resolution and clarity I expect from 60+ GB of data. I never use the LIVE function, so I’m assuming that I’m not having a streaming problem. What’s weird is that trees and some landscapes seem to be much better, though there is a lag in rendering that I’ve heard is an issue with others. Is there something you are doing in the setup or configuration that might solve this? I got FS with the expectation, from their ads and photos, that the scenary would be this clear, especially in cities like NY.

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The trees look the way that they do because I’m using Bijan’s 4 Seasons pack, which places trees over the poor-quality PG trees.

I’m also using Taburet Northest US Roads.

Other than that, I have everything on ultra/200. Any fuzziness may be due to setting the rendering down to the left of the dial (60-70, I think it was 60 here). It’s worth it to be able to see the city skylines from relatively far back.

The screenshots you posted are not normal, you have bandwidth / connection issues.

Hi folks, I did some more research and found a solution: clear the data cache and put it up to 50GB or more. When I did that, at first the buildings got better, but many, and bridges too, were not complete. Last night I played again and everything was the way it should be. Buildings, bridges, scenery etc were all rendered in fine detail. BTW it’s not a connection issue: I don’t use this in LIVE mode. Asobo should design the cache so it either refreshes to the right resolution, or clears and restores the cache periodically automatically. Whew.

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