Bumps on several taxiways&runways

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since the latest update i have bumps/slopes on taxiways and runways in europe and the US. I just saw this issue in LDSP and EDVK…yetserday at some airports in the us…the aicraft makes a little hop for example or rolls down on a taxiway like on a slope…anybody else observes the same issue?

Yep, a saw this too: in my case in Frankfurt. I have to check other airports I use to determine if this came w. SU9 though.

Please do not delete the bug template when logging bugs.

There was a bug created for EDVK before. Have you been to this airport before this update?

Don’t you mean BUMPS and not people who are down on their luck?

I have the same at Paderborn airport EDLP germany. It´s like a rollercoaster

I drove through one at ORD (O’Hare) a few days ago. I described it in a post as a swale on the taxiway. The plane dipped down into the depression and then back up a few feet later. I doubt I could find it again with the miles of concrete there.

Do you have by any chance the add-on ‘Real taxiways Europe’ installed? If so, disable the airport in the addon.

I had some taxiing bounces today & yesterday @ KPAE. Thought it was just the Boeing test pilots landing hard. But I gues it is really a program problem

No its not installed