Bush Flying - Gravel Bars/STOL - Aust/NZ Timezone

Looking for people interested in flying bush planes (eg. Savage Cub) doing off-field short takeoffs and landings (STOL) at river gravel/sand bars, hills, mountain tops etc

My timezone is Australian Eastern time (AEST) (UTC+10) but happy to fly with anyone. Some experience preferred.

Reply below with your in-sim / xbox / discord name and add as friend and if we’re online at the same time we can join up for a session of testing our skills at locations with short landing spots without ending up in the water! … or falling off the mountain side!

In-sim: BluHaze42
Xbox: BluHaze42
Discord: BluHaze42#6032
Timezone: AEST (UTC+10)
Typical time: around 7:30pm-9:30pm AEST (9:30am-11:30am UTC/Zulu)
Typical server: West US/Asia

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would love to join people from Australia to fly with have not gone into multiplayer and not sure how to