Bush trip Balkan leg 12 bug

I would suggest that anyone having this problem to submit a request and be very specific, otherwise they may ignore it for a long time.


Thank you! Added the airport back by this mod solved the issue! Now I can continue!

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This is still broken! Any idea on how to fix it on the Xbox?

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I’m having this exact same issue. Playing on Xbox.

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Still waiting on a fix. Still waiting on the runway. :cry:

Good news! The fix for the Balkans bush trip is coming with Sim Update 6 on October 19th:

“-Fixed Balkan bushtrip which could not be completed due to missing airport”

You can see all release notes here: Sim Update 6 Flight Now Live - #2 by Jummivana


Landed on LGMS and the leg did not complete. LGMS is not even selectable in the open world. So I guess my Balkans trip ends here for bush trip

This is fixed now as of the update that was released yesterday! You can land or taxi on the runway now and come to a complete stop and it should complete.

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Don’t be so happy, next leg with landing on LGSO have simmilar issue. Airport is visible on map but after landing nothing happend. It soo dificult to finish bush trip. :frowning:

OMG it’s true, next leg is landing on LGAK and it’s also broken! These guys at Asobo/Microsoft don’t do any UAT apparently.


Yup. So dang frustrating. I’ve been waiting on them to fix 12 and now I have to wait on 13. Ridiculous


Nope - all is well in bush trip land.

Now, it appears if you ever quit to menu and reload any bush trip, you can’t land at the next airfield (haven’t tested all of them).

Some still lose all POI and the VFR flight path, some don’t - you know, typical MSFS 2020.

I submitted a ticket for 13, just like I did for leg 12. Absolutely stupid, at this rate I won’t finish this bush trip this year.

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can you guys check whether the regarding Airfields are visible as “Airport” in the Worldmap?

I also just discovered that literally the “next” airport is broken as well. The Iceland bush trip can’t be completed either. I wonder which bush trip to start now :wink:

Don’t they BETA TEST the Bush Trips? Surely they have someone at a computer who can fly these to make sure they aren’t broken. I can understand they can’t check every airport but these are intrical to a main feature to the sim.

Better to vote a single thread up:
SU5/SU6 and Bush Trips - Bugs & Issues / Online Services & Activities - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

And the more specific tickets in the better.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s still broken after the GOTY update right? At least mine is still not registering.

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Yes, still have this same issue.

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I tried restarting the bush trip from the previous working leg and then moved on and this time it registered fine.

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