Bush Trip Improvements

I love the bush trips! They’re what I want from a sim; get rid of some of the crutches and let me figure it out. Here are some suggestions for improvements:

  1. Obviously make refueling work. At present you can’t refuel without cheating a keybind. Let us refuel at airports that support refueling.
  2. AIRFIELD ELEVATION. Give us the elevations of our airfields in our Navigation Logbook. I’m working around this by pulling up a digital VFR sectional on a separate tablet, but it would be nice to just see them in the game.
  3. No external views. I know that sight-seeing is part of the joy here, but external views and the virtual instruments ruin the immersion. I want to have to crane my neck to see the fuel gauge on my Savage Cub. I want to have to correct the Cub’s compass for declination since there’s no gyro.
  4. Landmarks. I really like the route descriptions, but would appreciate more detail about what we’re flying past. If it’s a tour, be a better tour guide. How can you have us fly by Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the continental U.S., and not point it out? Manzanar was the site of an infamous concentration camp. Etc.
  5. More of them! :slight_smile: Nuff said.

Mine CTD’s after completing the first trip to Inyokern. It got a bit lost and turned left instead of right at the lake. Took me an extra 45 minutes of flying over mountains as a result. Was fun but more of a game component versus sim flying.

Sure, I agree. But you could enforce realism with ATC requirements, VFR pattern requirements, etc.

Other improvements:

  1. In addition to altitude, runway directions would be nice. It took me a bunch of taxiing, for instance, to figure out which of the dirt paths was the runway at Shurz.
  2. Time continuity. Each of my flights is starting at 9am. Let me start when my last one left off, with an option to wait for as long as I want in between. I’d love to see a day progress as I fly.

That’s the beauty of this I guess. It’s all how we play, serious like a real pilot or mess around like a game. I think it’s both. However if you were gonna treat this as real you could plan the flight you’re ale without the assistance of the instructions. So from that point I guess it does help.

  1. The Balkans and Patagonia trips use planes with glass cockpit GPS’s in them. This defeats the whole purpose of the bush flight, since you can easily see where you are on the GPS screen. I don’t know if any of the aircraft in MSFS besides the Savage Cub lack the G1000, but it’s more fun to fly these routes with older, more rickety aircraft. It would be cool to fly an old DHC-2 for instance.

What do you mean by “cheating a keybind” to refuel. I have had no success refuelng anywhere. Would appreciate your help.

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Bind the “repair and refuel” command to a button.