Bush Trips Start all over again

All of a sudden in one of my Bush trips, all my saved trip legs (half way in completion) have been gone and I have to start all over again. I can’t start from where I left but I have to start from the beginning. Is there a way around this?

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Yes, there is. Start the first flight, switch to Developer-mode, teleport to the destination airport. The check-window will pop up. Go to the next flight and repeat this sequence until you are at your desired destination. Exit Developer-mode and go flying.

What does it mean to teleport to the destination airport? Is that going to the 1st leg? How do you do that?

Enable developer mode from the options menu. It adds a little menu bar to the top-left… you may need to switch to monitor mode to see it clearly if you’re in VR. It contains numerous debug and development functions, including the ability to teleport your aircraft around.

As far as I know, the bush flights only register you landing at the required airports, not passing the individual navpoints. So, teleporting to the airport at the end of a leg should register that leg as complete, allowing you to quickly skip to the desired leg.

Must you load the Bush trip first and then do all of the above?

You can enable Developer mode whenever you like. But yes, to complete a leg of a bush trip by teleporting, you will need to load that leg and then use the dev menu to teleport to the last airport in the navlog. That should bring up the leg completion screen.

(Note that I haven’t tried this method personally, as thankfully I haven’t had any issues with bush trips yet… touch wood!)

Yes, it works. Used this workaround several times.

Go to Options->General->Developers, switch “Developer Mode” to “On”. Ingame, in the menu at the top of the screen go to Windows->Teleport Window. Type in the ICAO Code of the destination airport and click “Go to ICAO”.


You mean to load the Bush trip because you can not load a particular leg you want to go. Also I have noticed that after I manage to go to a particular airport (with the teleport method) in the NAV LOG the POI number and descriptions are all messed up.

Well, once you’ve completed a leg you can quit back to the menu and choose it from the list at a later date. Or when you’ve finished a trip you can choose to restart it from any of the legs. But yeah, if you’ve had your progress wiped then you just start from the beginning.

As mentioned I haven’t had to use this workaround myself yet, but if I get time today I’ll give it try and see if it messes up my nav log too.

Yes, unfortunately it messes up your NavLog, it usualy displays only the first two waypoints. But, when you open the VFR-map, you can see the path to be flown and you see the POI’s. If you use a plane with GPS or G1000, you can easily navigate your route.

What about if you teleport to complete the leg, choose the option to return to the bush trip menu from the leg completion screen, and then load the next leg from there? Does it still mess up the nav log?

I’m not sure about that. Give it a try, Not much can go wrong there

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