Bushtrip Balkans Leg9 Engine Problem

So I am getting close to the airstrip on Leg9 of this bushtrip when my engine dies. Try to restart with cntrl+E and it tries, but wont run. Anyone else run into this? Am I supposed to do something here or is this just a bug? Thanks.

out of fuel?

No, 1/2 full. I paused my flight and went to bed. Hopefully I can figure something out tomorrow. Would hate to have to start this long leg again.

Update. So today, I started where my flight was paused, but much lower altitude then when I exited the sim yesterday. I was able to glide and land on a hill. Once on the ground, I restarted the engine and was able to take off and proceed. Strange but at least I didnt loose progress.

@URDONE How did you pause? Active Pause? I’ve read about a similar issue a week or two ago, and it seemed to be related to having it on Active Pause for too long…

Correct. Just hit the pause button on the keyboard which I believe is active pause by default.