Busting through Kai Tak


That was gorgeous!
Great shots from the passenger windows!

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Appreciated. such a fun place to land at.

Which scenery is this?
I need it.
I love Kai Tak

i have linked it all in the description. its fantastic and its free.

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With this music I was imagining the conversation to go like this:

FO: “What are you doing?”
Capt: “Landing, get ready to extend gears and reverse thrusters”
FO: “Kai Tak is not an airport anymore… It’s not possible”
Capt: “No… It’s necessary…”

HAHAHAHA well put. I do not know honestly, just been on a Hans Zimmer binge on my personal music playlist lately I guess.

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Zimmer is a legend! Nolan would be proud of the video. Looks like you had a stowaway recording some footage too :joy: Poor guy was trying to leave HKG though.

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Finally someone recognizes the power of zimmer. His stuff just can be listened to at any time of the day. And yeah the stowaway did not appreciate things lol

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One of my all time favs


this goes pretty good as well.

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I love Kai Tak too. However, after Kai Tak was gone in 1997, Hong Kong was gone too.:weary:

I was 14 when it closed.
Later on in life I was able to travel the world and visiting Kai Tak and flying on a 747 were on my bucket list. Unfortunately the timing didn’t add up for me and I’ve missed out on both.