ButtKicker and the DC-6

I’ve got a ButtKicker Gamer Pro. I fly the PMDG DC-6 almost exclusively. I use their HaptiConnect app. The only thing I’d like to improve on is the “RPM,” because it feels … “lopey” - like if there were 4 beats, the “hit” would be on 1-3, and missing beat 4. I think it should be a constant vibration like some of the other stuff, dependant of course upon the RPM. Other stuff, like flaps and gear, feel right.

Haven’t really gotten into tweaking the sliders. I find that if I slide the RPM slider much over 50, I get peaks on the ButtKicker amp very quickly, and that’s certainly not what I want. Any thoughts on how to improve this?

You need this. SimHaptic – rkApps

Best software out there to run buttkickers for MSFS

Ditto that… it’s the best software for the ButtKicker

Thank you both! I am definitely going to check that one out. The Buttkicker one definitely has room for improvement.

You can really fine tune the Buttkicker with SimHaptic, it will keep a separate profile for each plane you “tune” Have fun…

I’m 3 minutes into my first flight with SimHaptic, and I’m glad I got it.

The native software is very basic… SimHaptic rocks!

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Just coming back to this one after a good 20 hours of use. SimHaptic is the way to go. Definitely recommend.

Glad to hear it worked out for you! That company also makes a great “effect” add on called “FSRealistic” It adds visual shaking, brake squeals, runway noises, flaps sounds etc… very cool program.

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Already have that one. Flying without FSR and the Buttkicker just seems so sterile! I know my little 2lb transducer and 90w Buttkicker amp can’t replicate the full rumble of four P&W R-2800 CA-15s, but it does help. Thank you again for the suggestion.

Same here, I can’t fly without those two programs… and Sayintentions AI ATC, that is an amazing program.

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