Buttkicker Gamer 2 Mounting Options

Thinking about getting the Buttkicker Gamer 2 and connecting it to my XBOX for MSFS. My issue is that the XBOX is my game room and I only have a small sofa in there. Anyone been able to mount the Buttkicker Gamer 2 to a sofa with good results? Any mounting kits out there?

There are other mounting options on their site. Keep in mind some are for other versions (not necessarily the gamer 2).


Saw those. None seem to be for the Gamer 2. Hence my question above.

Correct, however, buttkicker sells other devices not just the gamer 2. So if you want a device that works with a couch, you may want to look at one of their other products that you can mount to it.

The Xbox I think is tricky because no digital audio


I ended up buying the Buttkicker Simulation Kit. Comes with the amp and a Buttkicker Concert Mini. I found on their website that the LFE Couch mounting kit is actually compatible with the concert and concert mini (bad choice of names for the product if you ask me) so I bought one. Works great.

I use a HDMI audio extractor to convert the audio out of the XBOX to the Buttkicker. The couch mount sits under one foot of the couch and the isolators raise the other legs so the couch is level. Really get the feeling of the engine running.

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Awesome, glad you found a solution to suit your needs! I’m sure others will benefit as well!