Buy the C172SP classic

I made a mistake, I see a review video of the 172SP with both WBSim enhancement and Boris sound works sound, it looks great, so I bought the two addons.
Just Flight warning about the C172 but, I read it too fast (I’m not english) and miss the information about the version of the 172 needed : that’s the classic version, not the G1000, and my version of MSFS give me only the G1000.

So I would like to buy the C172SP classic, but I can’t find it, could you give me a link where to do it ?


I may be wrong but think it comes with the deluxe or premium version of MSFS. Not sold separately :man_shrugging:t2:

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It’s in the deluxe version.



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Yep, I know it’s in the deluxe / premium but wanted to be sure that MS didn’t sold this separately, as I read it somewhere on the net.

It’s perfectly stupid, but unfortunately not surprising.

Thanks for your help guys,

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Yeah, the 172 classic is my most expensive “add-on” for that reason. I initially bought the basic version of MSFS and then had to go back and upgrade to the delux version (i.e. buy MSFS again) in order to get that aircraft. It’s a really unfair system. Fool me once…


And do you remember how much it was cost to you ?
Last thing, do you know if there are - very clear and absolute legal - other market to buy it than Microsoft ?
Because for reminder, Microsoft market don’t deal with refund or support, that’s not fair at all. For example a couple of product they sold to me were just not functional (the A-10 from Deimos was the last), that’s not normal but that’s legal. Since there I never bought anything from them, and I won’t in any case ; at worst I will not have the C172 and I will survive :slight_smile: .

I bought it discounted for 55€.