Buyer Beware: "Greece scenic tour bushtrip addon"

I have seen this one in Sim Market before and now i see it in the Marketplace.
I just want to warn potential buyers that i am Greek,living in Greece and believe me,with every addon for Greece that there is out there(working),Greece has nothing to see as a POI except the Acropolis Parthenon in Athens and the Tricoupis bridge in Patra which is an addon
Greece doesn’t even have proper elevation,although there is good satelite imagery coverage.
It seems to me like a money grab.
Hope i helped


I think you missunderstood what a bushtrip is.

It is just a flight plan with a story and in this case photos - not scenery.

So if you want better elevation data of Greece or more POIs - you need to buy something else.

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1st of all,i personally,want nothing.

2nd i know very well what a bush trip is.If you check the devs add about the product,then you will expect to make the trip and SEE those things they mention.
You won’t see ANYTHING !
What’s the reason on paying 12€ then ?

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Yeah i understood that - and also that you didnt want anything.

My point is, that i wouldn´t expect more of any bush trip. And i wouldn´t pay 12€ for it either (sorry devs).

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