Buying in Marketplace not possible

Today I wanted (for the first time) to buy something in the Marketplace, but I got the following warning:
< The Xbox Live account used to login to Microsoft Flight Simulator and the Microsoft Store do not match.
To access the online services, make sure to sign in to the Microsoft Store and to Microsoft Flight Simulator with the Xbox Live account that was used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator. >

I tried to find a solution online, but the solutions/videos that I found, did not help me.
To be complete: I do not recall using an Xbox Live account when I bought MSFS.

Were you running the sim, and then going into the Marketplace in the sim and that message was shown?

To Sevenflyer: yes, that is correct.

Shut down your simulator, and reboot your PC
In your Windows Start Menu, find and select the Xbox app.
It is just called Xbox.
In there, click on your profile name, and find the settings icon, and in there click on account.
Scroll down to the bottom of the account section, and ensure “I want to buy without a password” is on.

Now try the sim and prurchase again.

You’re lucky you couldn’t make the purchase. I have been waiting for the update of the product I purchased for 20 days. If possible, buy from the developer himself.

Hi Sevenflyer,

I tried your recommendation, but that did not work. I still get the same message when I want to buy in the Marketplace.
I turned the option to Off, and shut down my computer and subsequently turned the computer on again, with activating the option to “ON” again, but still no access to the marketplace.
Anyway, thanks for your input!

Hi Yeleri,
Looking back, I am happy that I could not make the purchase via Marketplace because meanwhile I learned form other topics in this forum that Marketplace purchases are encrypted and do not work properly with add-ons like GSX-pro.
So no future purchases for me anymore from Marketplace (even if it would work)

As recommended by you, I went to the website of the developers themselves (Pilot Experience). There I found the same promotions (a number of French airports - Brest, Montpellier, Ajaccio, St. Tropez, Bordeaux) although I was redirected to the Inibuilds website for the purchase, but that went quickly and efficient.
Thanks for your advice.

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