Buying MSFS

I have subscribed to XBox Gamepass. Now I want to purchase MSFS. Will I need to reinstall the sim or will it be seamless? Any help appreciated.

As far as I know, the most you may have to uninstall is the 1+ Gb launcher. The content folder can stay where it is. Later you can just point the installer to that folder when it asks where to put the downloaded content. It should pick it up.

I did this and I didn’t have to redownload anything. I subscribed to Xbox Gamepass and then bought the Premium Deluxe version a few days later. I used the Xbox app (in Windows) to activate it using the activation key, and that was it - all done. It did then download 3GB of additional content - that’s the additional airports and maps for the Premium Deluxe version.

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You might want to be careful about trying to upgrade from the gamepass version, as there appears to be some doubt about whether the upgrades will work.

Perhaps best to check first or just buy the full version you want.

If you’re buying the whole software, in theory, all you have to do is install the appropriate digital license that you will receive in the purchase. That’s all I had to do when everybody moved to the little island nation so that they could play the game sooner.

In practice, I’ve seen some people having problems with DLC, upgrades, and such recently, and I have no idea what that problem entails, so expect the possibility that anything short of a clean install might be a problem.

Appreciate all the quick feedback. Thanks guys, it helps a lot. Things are becoming a little clearer.

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I also want to upgrade from Gamepass to Premium Deluxe! As I see it´s only 99$ then is this correct? Did you have any problems upgrading?

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The upgrades basically work like DLC. They still need the standard edition version of the game for you to use them.

If all you do is buy the upgrade, then you won’t be able to use it once you lose access to the standard edition through game pass, until you purchase standard separately.

The best deal is still just to buy the whole “Premium Deluxe Edition” for $120, from either the MS store, or Steam. The in game marketplace packages do not include the base game.

I have not purchased yet. Thought I might wait for the patch coming out next week.

I’ve enjoyed the basic edition that comes with GamePass. I might just purchase that one, I’m happy with it.

Yeah, if you’re in no hurry, I’d wait. Odds are you’d be fine, but no guarantee that there wouldn’t be problems.

Yes , warning for anyone wanting to purchase the upgrade pack . It will not work once your game-pass subscription runs out / or is canceled . You will then be forced to purchase the base game .

After a two hour phone-call to Microsoft customer care , i discovered this , much to my disappointment .
( I had signed up for game-pass for 1 euro to try out the game , and make sure my system could run it . Once all this was confirmed and i was interested in the game , i decided to purchase the Premium Deluxe Upgrade from the in game store for 85 Euro . Upon cancelling my subscription to gamepass , i was then locked out of the game , and upon trying to start the game , was linked to the Microsoft store to give me the option of purchasing the base game for 70euro ) .

After speaking to various operatives / staff members , i managed to apply for a refund ,( first staff member told me i actually owned the game , but subsequent staff consulted management who informed me i’d have to either renew my game-pass or purchase the base game ) .

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Interesting. I thought something like this would be the case. Im on gamepass $1 trial, if i go to the in game marketplace, the premium deluxe is much cheaper than just buying the game via MS store.

Thanks for the heads up.

Yea that’s my intention anyway to purchase the “base” game. The extra hand-crafted A/Ps and aircraft don’t excite me that much. What I really wanted was in the “base” game anyway. No rush, I’ll wait till next week.

That’s interesting, albeit not unexpected. You don’t really own anything nowadays anymore either. And since I do not plan to cancel my game pass subscription I’ll get the ‘upgrade’ once we get rolling with bug fixes. I don’t need the airports or aircraft, but it feels right to actually pay extra for the primary software I intend to use, just because I basically got it for free.

And if game pass were to stop working before ms shuts servers for msfs making the entire thing obsolete, I’ll re-evaluate

Agreed, and that’s really confusing because gamepass has a notice on the bottom which says we can have up to a 30% discount on titles for sale on game pass, to add to the confusion… a 30% discount from the most expensive version of the sim comes very very close to the lower cost you are talking about.

Whoops, I forgot about the discount. Good catch!