C-17 Globemaster ILS

Hi there,
I clearly missing some step, because the ILS never engages …but I do not know what i am missing …
The ILS localizer frequency is alredy available in the RAD/NAV MCDU.
I also enter the panel to manage communication and navigation

I activate the APP as soon as I get clearance from ATC or when I am about to reach the FAF point …but the ILS diamonds never show up in the PFD …
The Knob to select nav 1 or 2 doesn not rotate, so i guess it is not modelled …

What I do wrong or I do not do at all ?
Thanks, Ciao

I enter ils frequency and course in FMC using nav/rad option. An achieving good ils landings. Just using appr button on final. Also there are no diamonds unfortunately but still works. This is latest download version.

Ciao Kiwigrampa,
sorry to be so late with this answer.
I will do as per your suggestion next time I fly with the C-17 :slight_smile: