C drive installation

I am still puzzled by the differences in experiences of this new sim among the community.
The last update was a challenge for me, continuous error form the store. Had to uninstall
and reinstall the sim, like the first time on a different SSD. Didn’t work, some files were missing.
Then I decided to install it only on my c drive where the OS is located too. Since then the Sim
is running perfectly. I wonder if the installation on a different drive causes issues during an update.
Especially since some of the sim is installed on the c drive anyway. Anybody else with same experience?

Not too much to add since I have only reinstalled 2x, the second time in-between Patches 2 and 3. I even cleaned out my Roaming Profiles where it would store some specific info. Both times were to non-C physical drives, and everything worked as expected.

By any chance did you buy the game through MS-Store?

Yes, through the store

I am on the other side of the board, no issues with any downloads or updates, only 2 CTDs since the beginning and generally a good experience overall. Same naggles with AP and graphics anomolies but other than that I’m having a great time.

My theory as to why?

I buy above middle of the road hardware. I will not buy the cheapest ANYTHING when it comes to comp hardware, I shoot for above average HW and I use Tom’s Hardware guide as a source for information and reviews on good components. I also use intel and Nvdia HW exclusively but that is a personal choice. If you can build a PC with $600 using the cheapest HW, mine will cost at least $900-1200. Why?

Higher cost components are made with higher quality and more robust parts, especially the motherboard and power supply. These higher quality components last longer, withstand more heat and overclocking, have undergone more intense testing and generally just work better together. I also shy away from certain brands as experience has taught me which companies are more reputable than others, which I will not mention here.

Also, I keep up with updates to everything.

Another thing, until FS becomes more mature I will not be modding anything, nor adding anything from 3rd party vendors. With updates coming every 2 weeks (unheard of in other PC game circles) I am not going to chase that around trying to keep up when every update may wipe them all out. I also only have the one NvME drive on my comp so everything gets installed in whatever directory the sim wants to install it. I don’t have the desire to control every single aspect of how my comp works anymore like in the old days, unless I need to make specific changes to increase performance or stability.

TL:DR…Buy good computer components and don’t **** with it lol!

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Yes I’ve seen through repeated posts that MS-Store version has challenges with how MS wants to place the program and how it references it (symbolic links). Sort of glad I bought mine through Steam.

Strange. I have the MS Store version and I never had any issues at all. No issues installing, downloading, anything really. It’s been working fine since day one. Sim and data are on different drives too.

Correct, when purchased from Microsoft Store, the application will be stored in the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder. It’s a protected folder and users dont have access to this unless you take ownership.

when you move the folder installation thru Windows Apps settings; it will make a symbolic link to the destination drive. Which means the location still points to C drive but the actual file resides in your destination drive.

I really don’t think genuine issues arise from not having the sim on the OS local drive. While I do utilize my C drive for the core part of the sim, my rolling cache is on a separate drive along with a symbolic link for my addons. I have yet ran into an issue causing a full re download of the game with my frankenstein’d mix of sim files :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: