C152 Tutorials - Lesson 7 & 8

I’m a real world pilot and have passed these lessons on this sim previously. I can’t seem to satisfy the instructor’s requirements, both in the Instructor lead session or the solo flight back. Everything goes well up to the landing and then I’m informed that I wasn’t supposed to land there.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there something I’m missing?


I’ve since been able to pass the remaining training flights. It’s all about watching the Task information and ensuring each task is met, otherwise an instant fail is granted. It’s all a bit inconsistent, as I saw a You Tube clip where the person flying flew so badly yet continued to pass the requirements. The final flight saw the person dive bombing from a great height, in the yellow arc and without flaps, descended and landed rather heavily on the wrong runway and still pass.


Hey Paul. Good comments. Suggest you submit a “Feedback & Feature Request” to Zendesk and recommend improvements to the “satisfying requirements” criteria to help make them more bullet proof. Your choice, but I agree with your comments.