C172 Can't Shutdown Properly

From my observations the log book pops up if three conditions are met:

  • The engine is off (i.e. RPM falls to 0, you can shut the engine down in many ways, even incorrectly)
  • Avionics is off (or all electrical systems are off when there are no distinct switches for avionics or the plane doesn’t have advanced instruments)
  • Plane is not in air (but I don’t know what exactly is checked, probably ground speed)
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I disagree with the second point, though. I always turn on my APU and APU bleed after I land, so it can warm up and able to take over the electricals once the engines are off.

So even when my electrical are still on, turning off the engines will open the logbook all the same.

Agree with all of these, plus the aircraft must be stationary

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Yes it’s an annoyance, and they’re aware of it. Hopefully some changes coming in the future.

An elegant solution would be a shortcut to open the logbook at pilot’s discretion.
That way we could go in peace through our shutdown procedures, and once those are completed we could look at the log book entry.

The “continue” button works, but it produces a second logbook entry with Zero Takeoff/Landing/flight time. That makes the whole logbook useless over time, with too many unnecessary entries,

Assuming they follow through, this issue should be a thing of the past shortly…

Exactly how they’re going to implement this is unknown. But should be fixed in less than 2 weeks.

Talking about the C172 shutdown, if the panel lights are turned up, when you shut down and turn off the battery, the CLOCK still stays illuminated, even though the battery is disconnected from its Backlight.

The Clock has two power sources.
(1) Always on for the Clock to run and keep time.
(2) Power via the battery switched Bus, to power the backlight.

When the Power is turn doff, the backlight should go out, no matter what position the Panel/Instrument light rheostat is in.

TOTALLY destroys the IMMERSION of shutting down the C172 !!! :sob:

It’s not even so much as the logbook popping up. It’s that the simulator doesn’t allow for the complete shutdown before popping up.

On the 152 I can get through the shutdown checklist and only when the battery is flipped off (last step) does it pop up. On the 172, it pops up as soon as the propellar stops spinning (pulling the mixture out) with still half the checklist to go.

Thats because unless you’re in an airliner, the sim wants the avionics bus to be unpowered. The 152 doesn’t have a master switch for avionics, so that bus is powered until you hit the master. On the 172 you hit the avionics switch before shutting the engine off, so once the RPM hits 0 the conditions are met to show the logbook.


That makes complete sense! Sorry I missed that earlier.

Thanks for the explination.

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General log book recording fixes would be nice too. I don’t bother with it much at all because it rarely records my flights at all. Dev mode or not.

That I haven’t tried. For me, the last two switches to throw are Battery, and Avionics. As long as the Objectives window is not expecting me to take off, or any other phase of flight, then either of those will cause the logbook to pop up.

Out of curiosity I’m going to try that while taxiing. The simplest place would be at an uncontrolled field. As soon as I’m off the runway, the Objectives window sim expect me to shut down.

Vote here: Logbook should not pop up in the middle of the shutdown procedure

1051 votes and counting. Let’s see how much it’ll take for this super simple feature to get implemented.

This is curious though, as I’ve only see it when shutting down avionics or battery. Apparently it works differently for some aircraft.

Unless I’m mistaken this will nullify flight time recording so it’ll be logged as 0 hours. So “Continue” may not be an ideal solution for those who care about in-game logged time, achievements etc.

Huh… so that’s why I was missing 700 hours…

Actually it will log the flight you just finished. Say you fly from A to B, then shutdown, and you press continue. The A to B flight will be logged. If you now exit to the main menu you will get two log entries. The A to B flight, with all time, takeoffs, and landings required plus a zero length one if you didn’t takeoff again to start a new flight, with B as both the arrival, and departure.

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That’s good to know, thanks for confirming. I haven’t tried it myself so wasn’t really sure if/how it’s working.

In any case let’s hope that Asobo implements the wishlist request I mentioned above because everything else is a workaround which still breaks immersion. Surely it shouldn’t be that hard?

Would have given a like for that post, just stopped short becuase of “if they follow through”. Do we still have a reason to keep this “they never do anything” attitude?

It wouldn’t be the first time that something was scheduled for a certain release and then got pushed back to the next. It’s meant more as a “keep your expectations in check” comment than “they never do anything”.

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