Logbook should not pop up in the middle of the shutdown procedure

Please give us a way/setting to be able to turn the logbook on and off or at least stop the logbook window from popping up in the middle of the engine shutdown procedure after each flight.

EDIT: Just want to make it clear that the problem is not with the logbook itself but with any windows popping up and stopping the simulation. I and many others would not like anything interrupting the flying experience, not even during or after engine shutdown. Please let us choose if we want any popups. Thank you!

EDIT: captainLIF has created a similar post (votes to be combined to help this issue get visibility by the devs). captainLIF wrote the following:

"I choose to start my flights in a ‘cold and dark’ aircraft. This allows me to go through a ‘START UP’
procedure, which, for me at least, greatly adds to the immersion of the simulator!
So at flights end, and for exactly the same reason, I would also like to be able to go through
a ‘SHUT DOWN’ procedure.
However, I can’t, because as soon as I shut down my engine[s] the flight automatically ends BEFORE I can do a save - a save that would ‘snapshot’ not only my aircraft’s location and parking slot, but the exact state of all cockpit switches, dials, lights knobs and the position of all the control surfaces.
This not only truncates any proper shut down procedure, it actually renders the process
pointless, thus killing the immersion. Very frustrating! "

Thank you!


+1. Big immersion breaker


Yeah I can’t believe they set it up that way. Feels like an arcade game when that happens.


Yep. Logbook window should pop up when i end the flight, just like in FSX. And also just like in FSX, it should ask if i want to log the flight or not.


Yes came across this recently with my first successful landing at Dubai int. I taxi to gate 9, watched Marshall signs and wasn’t sure how to get ground serv after stopping, as it was greyed out. Does the Marshall end with all clear signal? Anyway I shut down and wanted to do a Jetway and baggage procedure but looks like they only thought about departure…cos shutting down engines makes it finish…its good I like the idea but it confused me cos I would have thought to finalise stuff rather than shut down engines and be done.

Would logbook still open if you had say a stop over to a gate?

Plus Jetway did not reach 747 even though it extends.

I agree too.
Popping up of Logbook window interrupt shutdown procedure and spoils presence of flight.
I want it to appear when I select “End Flight” in the Menu window.


flight… how to disable logbook? i just don’t need it… and it glitch btw

I don’t think you can, however, as far as I know the logbook only shows up after you land, set your parking brakes and shutdown your engines.

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sad, i want to disable toolbar too


I think he meant he wanted to disable it popping up. For me, it’s a nuisance, too, when it pops up precisely when you are in the middle of your shutdown procedure.


upvoted. it’s a nuisance and should be removed


It only pops up when you shut down, and you are in a parking area. If you pull off a runway, and notify ATC that you are clear of the runway, then shutdown the aircraft, you won’t get the pop-up, but the flight will still be logged in the logbook. You just have to quit back to the main menu.

If you taxi to parking, say in the TBM 930, all I need to do is to kill the fuel, which the marshall indicates, then when I kill the battery by pulling the crash bar down, again the marshall raises both sticks, and promptly disappears. A second or so later that notification appears. I don’t even need to pull the parking brake, just kill the fuel, and disconnect the battery.

I agree. It is a nuisance which is only showing how XBox/Console like the UI is all about.

I don’t doubt any minute this is convenient for console game minded users as I find all the FS2020 UI is working like any other Xbox controller driven interface found in most Xbox games. Mind you, this must be the target audience from the get go.

I also find it being a nuisance for simmers wanting to go by the procedure book and being interrupted right in the middle of it.

@IIIHawkOneIII comment is reminding me I should have been more explicit, here is:

The OT about the logbook popping up is potentially as annoying for PC and Xbox users alike.

However what I meant with “showing how Xbox/Console like the UI is all about” is that it is a “modal” interface: when a panel is showing you can’t continue without dismissing it.

The main UI panels are also enforcing a certain order you have to go through in sequence, and you can’t jump 2 steps backward in the sequence directly for example.

Similarly now that SU5 is released, you can see the flight planning UI view has a limited number of options you can access directly at the bottom, and the number of options along with their associated shortcut keys is telling me the only reason is to limit the number at any one time to the number of available buttons on the Xbox controller. A PC only interface with a mouse as the main interaction device shouldn’t have to use a “MORE…” button to accessing a few more buttons, instead, they could have all been displayed in a single row and depth.


The entire UI is designed to be accessible for controller users.

If this were a PC only title, it would likely never look like this.


I’ve also noticed that after the popup occurs, you can continue back to the shutdown and do everything normally, but the logbook will show one flight with your last trip time, and then another entry with no takeoffs/landings, and no flight time. It’s like it’s treating the time between the popup and complete shutdown/exit to main menu as a “new/separate” flight, which obviously doesn’t include a t/o or landing. Just a dual entry in the books.


This needs more votes, it’s beyond annoying when that stupid window pops up right in the middle of a shutdown.


I totally agree. This automatic logbook popup needs to be removed.


Agree - this is a nuisance - you can continue but it does spoil the immersion.

Strangely I’ve found that on some flights it doesn’t pop up at all … but I can’t figure out what I’m doing differently. Done a whole bunch of short C172 flights over the last week all set up and flown the same way and sometimes it pops up, sometimes not. (As I’m writing this, wondering if it has something to do with ATC to parking …?)

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I agree too, the thing needs removing completely, its a nuisance IMHO


Requiring parking in the “right spot” and then shutting down to get the flight to end (and presumably to log) is not something that I appreciate. When I fly airliners, the last thing I want to do is power down after parking. What I want to do is turn the APU on as I’m taxiing in and leave it running as I’m debarking passengers, getting ready for the next flight, etc. After doing that, I may or may not want to continue on with a new flight, but I shouldn’t be forced to leave the plane cold and dark.

I realize that I can simply escape back to the main menu to effectively end the flight, but at this point, doing that doesn’t seem to log my flight hours.

Rather than only being able to end the flight when I satisfy certain arbitrary conditions, I would like an option so that I can choose to end the flight on my terms, at which point the logging system should log my total hours, take offs, landings, etc. I don’t know that I care about seeing log entries once I end my flight–provided that I can trust the accuracy of the logging system (which I currently can’t).

In general, I’d like to see pretty much everything in the simulator be user configurable, rather than have to live with whatever the choice du jour is. This is especially true when to comes to making environmental changes. It is one thing to change default behavior, but that should never be done without giving users the ability to roll back to the previous behavior. Night lighting changes are a good example of this. When users are asking for things like “better” night lighting, “less” lightning, or whatever, what they really mean is that they want to be able to control those effects to satisfy their own personal preferences.