Is it possible to deactivate flight Logbook?

Hi everybody !

I really don’t care of the logbook and I would like to deactivate it because:

  • it causes a pause in game when on the blocks on arrival.
  • it generates errors in the tracker of my company !

Is it possible ? THX !

It’s a feature which cannot be disabled, unfortunately. An option to turn it off as been requested multiple times though, so hopefully we’ll get it soon.

As this has been brought up many times, in the wishlist category, there is a community request to have this disabled that you may wish to contribute to:

As @Goffiik noted, currently there isn’t a way to disable this.

If you have the SDK installed, the pilot log will not update. Not sure if that breaks your company tracker.

edit: PilotaX57 thanks for adding that detail.

A way is to activate “Developer Mode” in settings.
In that way the logbook will be not updated.


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