Logbook after shutdown

Please remove the logbook popup after shutdown.
I’m sure it will take you 2 seconds to remove it.


They said they will and it’s in the pipeline but Asabo make it out to be some huge project. All they need is a UI switch for it to be enabled - on or off. And a if then at the end of the flight to not to show it. Not sure why it’s like a whole new feature request. It’s a very annoying feature.

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That sounds very simple indeed. What about all the other things that happen in the background that populate the logbook and update the achievements, etc? I would imagine there is a lot of stuff triggered when the flight is determined to be complete. Does seem like a lot of threads involved.

@willisxdc It can still capture all that, and you can even view that later. I think people just don’t want the UI pop up saying continue or quit to menu when you turn off the engines. So it’s a very simple fix it’s just closing out the log book entry in the background and not showing the UI dialog if they checked “Don’t show log book dialog”. I don’t think people are saying rip out the log book system just the annoying engine off pop-up.

Gotcha. I agree. I was thinking more about the code. I recently wrote a simple (comparatively, still over 7000 lines) scoreboard program that utilizes two overhead live video feeds to display and analyze rock positions, thus eliminating human error in scoring.

Once the alpha was put to the test I determined that the scoresheet display needed to be optional, not displayed at the end of each end. I did just what you are asking, I included a checkbox in the setup. Always pop up at the end of each end or only popup on demand. The scoresheet was handled by it’s own API. Took me nearly a week to make the simple change because all the data to create the scoresheet was destroyed when the scoresheet was displayed and stored in the scoresheet rather than the ingame variables. That meant I still had to create the scoresheet at each end just not show it, so the data variables could be released for the next end.

Sometimes, what seems really simple on the surface can create a cascade of code changes, and each of those code changes can and do have consequences somewhere else. I just really caution anyone that looks at something in the sim and says, “It is a simple fix, they should have done this ages ago”.

Yeah afaia, the logbook doesn’t start until you’re in the bird, so they could delay opening it until your back out in the main menu.
Or btter still, keep it closed until you visit/select to view it.

In FSX it was separate, so no excuse. We complained about this pop-up for over a year, so what did they do? They made it worse by having us now go to a new outside menu. It’s even more annoying than the pop-up. Maybe it’s made worse so we’ll be glad to have the old pop-up back ? Lol!

We’ve been asking for this for over a year. It’s finally scheduled to happen with SU7.

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