Wll Asobo remove Flight Log and Loading Circle with SU5?


Good day!!

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Exactly!! But yet, it seems unimportant to some folks.

This is supposed to be a simulator, not just a game.


OMG it nearly sounds like keeping proper logs during software development :innocent: (we don’t)

Maybe the logbook pop is not the biggest of issues, but it’s one of those things that is not necessary. As mentioned, other simulators don’t have this. Asobo however decided to add this more game like feature which is immersion breaking and sometimes pointless end of flight screen without an option to turn it off. It’s a ‘Simulator’ which is supposed to represent flying as realistically as possible on a computer, and this feature does not add to that. As I mentioned earlier, when pilots shut down the aircraft IRL, **real life doesn’t pause with some music.**The pilots also don’t look at their logbook the moment they shut down the engines. I see why gamers would find this appealing, but simmers want to simulate flying, and part of that is simulating an engine shutdown in which they do not want something interrupting it with some music! For others who don’t care about it, it probably happens when they shut down the battery, which is not that bad as pilots rarely stay on the plane after battery shutdown. But in the middle of shutdown, which is an important part of the flight? Come on!


The white circle that appears at the bottom right corner of the screen from time to time indicates that the simulator is currently writing some data to the hard disk and doesn’t indicate performance issues or anything like that. It happens occasionally throughout a flight as the simulator is recording your progress to your logbook/save file so that things like total flight time, distance traveled, takeoffs and landings, etc. are accurate. The most reliable way I can think of to get it to appear is to do a takeoff or landing as the sim should write those events to disk immediately after they occur so that it doesn’t lose them if something were to happen that causes the sim to crash or something like that. It is considered good software design to show a symbol like that on screen during disk writes because it is a warning to the user that the sim is writing to the disk and it needs to make sure that the user doesn’t do something that would interrupt it while the write is taking place (such as unplugging their computer or something stupid like that). Disk write operations are sensitive and if anything causes the write to be interrupted then it will corrupt the save file and you could lose all of your recorded progress. I know that it’s kind of annoying but I think that this symbol does actually need to be there as Asobo would be liable for any corrupt data that occurs due to user error during a disk write if they do not put that warning up while the sim is writing to the disk.

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This thread has “press any key to start” vibes…


I think you may have missed the point. The log book issue is valid, I hate it as do many others. It is a seriously annoying issue that is going to be fixed because unlike yourself, most obviously dislike it. The question was will it be removed in SU5. I am certainly hoping it is.


I am not “seriously missing any point”. I pointed out that the popup logbook issue doesn’t bother me as much as other areas of the simulator that needs to be address. That’s my opinion and I will not change that opinion because you and a few are perturb about it. Good day friend.


Post flagged… withdrawn… Come on folks… no reason for confrontation about these topics… it’s only a computer program with a few bugs that can be solved :yum:

yes, agree with you, but its internet gameforum…you can expect that.

the vast majority play it as a game, dont kid yourself.
i am not at all a fan og the logbook, nor that circle, i see really no issues there to get upset over.

This title is a flight simulator and as such the people that play it is mostly from flight sim community. So how is it that you can assume that “majority” play is a game???

I think majority of the people here can tell you that “majority” of the folks that use any sim title do it more out of just a game.

So it’s “majority” that would use at as a sim and “minority of folks” would use it as a game.

This discussion is starting to take a different direction now. I’m not upset about anything nor do I think this is something that is a deal breaker for me. Simply it is something that needs to be corrected and asked if it would be by SU5. Folks like me that want the fullest immersion possible are the only ones that could understand this i guess. Other folks that take it just like any other game just don’t care. And that’s fine. But this is not supposed to be just a game, hence the title “flight simulator”.

But I appreciate the feedback some folks gave here.

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Which is not necessarily realistic:

There is an option to turn off this cinematics when starting a flight, I don’t see why they can’t make this a similar option.

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Does the flight log pop up when you are in developer mode? I remember vaguely it was mentioned earlier that in the Dev model, your flight will not be logged

Asobo is logging our total flight time. they want to provide feedback how many hours they added to the totals.

In general not a bad idea to get a nice summary. Maybe to add own comments, automatically screenshots, visual map of the flight, share the flight with friends, etc.

I mean it really could be different from what we are used to, many like this kind of Achievement for the records…

…But the current logbook implementation is just plain dump and without any value.

And i have no clue why it comes automatically and not optionally when the user intentionally ends a flight…

I find it quite sad how much argument and confrontation there is over this issue. For me it shows just how willing people are to fight for the sake of fighting these days, all over absolutely nothing whatsoever. Very sad indeed. :roll_eyes:

The argument that the sim has “bigger issues” is irrelevant. Anyone who knows anything about game development knows that different people (or teams) work on different areas. The people working on optimising the game engine are not the same people creating the UI. The people making new planes are not the same people creating the world map. The people working on the net code are not the same people working on the textures. Etc. So changes to one area can be made without having any impact whatsoever on the speed of improvements to another.

No this particular item is not a huge issue. Yes it is an annoyance to many people. Yes it is easy to solve. There are already options that govern whether certain menus automatically pop up when you start a flight, so clearly there is nothing preventing similar options for menus appearing at the end. Adding a simple togglable option would mean it can work the way everyone wants, whatever their preference. So why argue about it? Choice is a good thing. :+1:


Wow nice closing argument, Goffic ! Bulls eye… let’s get things solved, these are the two wishlist topics involved here…

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