Remove white spinning circle in flight

After the latest update, I get a near constant white spinning circle in the lower right of the screen while flight. Does anyone else experience this? It is super annoying and don’t know why it’s there.

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This is something you’d see in a console game while it’s saving data or loading an area. I’m starting to think that these updates are not geared towards us PC simmers, but being used to test Xbox functionality. We are the console lab rats while they’re finalizing things for Xbox. I mean, look at the default graphics presets – they were heavily nerfed (draw distance, lights, etc). I think that they’re testing graphics settings for Xbox, checking server loads, etc. at the expense of our experience. I really don’t think we’re going to see any meaningful updates until this has been released on Xbox. Even then, they’ll probably be sporadic at best because Xbox is going to receive much more attention. If this was a PC exclusive, I think that we would have had things updated to our standards, or at least be much further along than we are now. Just look how long it took for GTA 5 and Red Dead 2 to make it to PC. There essentially needs to be 2 dedicated teams: one for PC and one for console. The problem then is you’d have two different sims. This is a huge undertaking, especially since PC and Xbox gamers will be using the same servers for multiplayer.

With all that being said, it still looks great, I just wish they focused more on the PC group since MSFS has traditionally been a PC exclusive…but oh well. They’re doing an incredible amount of work with some strict timelines coming up, especially if the new Xbox is releasing in November.


Yes, new to this build. I wasn’t even flying anything complex. 172 Classic out in nowhere Idaho. Had it show up 3 different times in about 1/2 hour. Didn’t seem to do anything really. Spun for a couple of moments and then went away.

Yes, every so often it pops up. Never had it before today’s patch.

I haven’t noticed it, but my guess is that it’s loading more scenery. If it pops up here, it won’t bother me.

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I had it yesterday, so it’s not new in the patch. Probably it’s just a matter of looking much closer and noticing stuff after a patch that has been there before :slight_smile:
Maybe after the patch it appears more often but it definitely happened before the patch, too.

In my case I think it was loading/updating multiplayer aircraft when it showed this circle.
Also I definitely wouldn’t second that wording, that they’re experimenting with us for XBox… Really not a good way to phrase issues that you have (if that loading circle is an issue at all).

nope, not for me. first time i’ve seen this happen, the sim was tested on multiple systems. Also, watching youtube vids of previous patches, i haven’t noticed it in those either. at least not in flight.

Bushtrips seem to save everywhere now. I landed on the wrong runway, leg didn’t complete so i left. When i restarted it i ended up where i left, landed at the right runway and the leg completed. Unfortunately the game crashes after most legs now but it creates a new save at least.

I’ve noticed these loading circles every time I touch down. As if the game was indicating it was saving my progress (number of landings in the log book)

Part of the autosave process I suspect.

I think this is it. People have been talking about their logbooks finally capturing partial flights (for example, if their flight was interrupted by a CTD, they’d still get the hours in their logbooks).

I don’t see anything wrong with it; it’s not particularly obnoxious as it’s only in the corner of the screen and minimally impacts performance.

A couple of times, briefly upon take-off. Didn’t seem to slow the simulation down any, and I don’t recall seeing it anywhere else. It is new to the current build, though.

Is not doing anything bad necessarily, it’s just a bit annoying, especially while hand flying in IMC during your scan. It’s not proving any useful information.


Oh good, it’s not just me! :joy:


I didn’t notice it until this patch as well. But mine just pops up rarely and just for 1-2 seconds. By the time I notice it, it’s gone. It’s like a spinning loading/saving animation. No idea what the point of that is, but it’s annoying…


Me too. Luckily it seems doesn’t affect anything in the performance, but it’s really annoying.

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The Sim is loading new map data. Maybe your connection is too slow.

Yep if I see that, my camera moves on its own a couple minutes later, then CTD lol but I fixed that by turning off multiplayer.

I don’t think so. Internet is good here.
Maybe some mod on community folder.
I don’t know, testing here.

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it’s just loading… is it really that annoying?
I’ve noticed it as well but couldn’t care more about it neither does it annoys me