Logbook Popup at end of flight

Just did another flight. Yeah, this needs to go immediately… :rage:

Do you guys know of any workaround? I just tried deleting the logbook entries from the layout.json file thinking that maybe that would do it, and it just froze the game at the end lol. I had to put it back to stock.


Not sure why this is happening for you just now, but it’s been happening for some people for a while:

Popup right at the end, agghhhhhhh!

It seems evident that the developers are not after your money. If you’re an older simmer, you’re the wrong market. They’re after 15 year olds who are attuned to the world of Xbox gaming. If you have this on Xbox with their controller a mouse and keyboard, your flyin like no body’s business. No big issues. It’s obvious in the way they designed it, leaving out so many of the quality features from FSX that made it and gave it a real simulator feel.
This is garbage coated with a fancy candy coating.
At this point in the New Year, I’m sorry I spent thousands and thousands of dollars of my hard earned money on this travesty. My decades of confidence and trust in Microsoft is all but gone :cry:


It’s really easy for me to understand where you’re coming from but I’m not going to give up. For my use of MSFS as a dumb drone to PSX, it works fine. It’s a good environment in which to run PSX.
But I do get mad when bugs that were fixed, reappear randomly and totally screw things up.
When PMDG give up, that’s when I’ll start questioning if MSFS is the place to be but for now, it’s useful and better than p3d as a place to fly the drone.

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I hear ya! But I have my real rc drones for that kinda fun, and Google Earth lol! :joy::+1:

Personally, I am still getting a feel for the FS and would just as soon my learning flights were not logged. I would rather they make it user-initiated so we could log those flights we want.

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I shut the engine by choking it off (Cessna and Baron), I just don’t shut my battery and avionics switches off until I feel ready. This way that logbook doesn’t pop up. Another ridiculous oversight (or not a concern for their market of young Xbox users).

I’ve stopped using FS because it’s gotten so bad, so ugly and practically unflyable.

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PLEASE Asobo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Stop that nervy Logbook window during shutdown. It kills every nice flight. STOP IT!!!


Problem with that is, people who want realism. You never shut down the engine with avionics on in real life. Always turn avionics off first.

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None the less, this whole logbook thing should be optional.


So true! But with my real cockpit build, I’ve still gotta compromise anyway and use the 3D cockpit with no multi-screen and full screen capability anymore. This literally destroys any realism for homebuilt cockpit simmers and brings it to a level of only desktop or Xbox gaming.

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I agree- please let us disable the logbook popping up. It’s annoying.


No big deal guys. Just press continue and you are back to normal. Mine comes when the engines are shut down. I like this feature.


as a real world pilot, is is VERY ANNOYING!
remember, its not a game! please let us decide, if we want to see those facts! simple turn-off option would be nice!


Spot on. Why on earth this has re surfaced after killing it in the alpha, I have no idea.


This thing annoys me so much that I am now willing to pay the devs $60 if they remove it.

You guys think this is frustrating? I just dare ya to try VR! Makes all the bugs and issues here seem like a walk through the daisies lol!

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