How to stop the sim exiting to menu upon switching off battery

Is there a way to stop the sim exiting to the menu options as soon as I switch off the battery after landing?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: no, not possible

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There’s a wishlist item requesting this to be changed. You can add your vote to that, and hopefully this will get changed in the future.

Logbook should not pop up in the middle of the shutdown procedure - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

If we had an option to see the log / return to the menu or continue the flight, that would be awesome.

The real issue is we can’t even complete proper shutdown procedures, as the ■■■■ log book pops up and ends the session as soon as the aircraft is powered down. That’s NOT the end of shutdown procedures.

Added my vote - thanks.

You can choose continue after you get the popup and complete shutdown. The bug where doing that would zero your logbook entries seems to have been fixed, so it at least there is a workaround. That said, I’ve already voted to have an option to not show the logbook popup or end the flight as it is an absolute and total immersion killer.

Yes, it’s an immersion killer for me to have that pop up in the middle of the shutdown. Previously, exiting it would kill the log book entry, but not anymore. Now it’s more of an annoyance than a game breaker. I still wish it wasn’t there.

Heh, what the wishlist item should really be is: don’t popup any UI whatsoever during my flight. Don’t bug me about slow network/loss of Photogrammetry, account disconnection, whatever that circle in the lower right hand corner is, etc. Stuff it all in some MSFS “ACARS” screen that I can choose to bring up on with a hotkey to check in case things are getting wonky…

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Since the last World update, many times when turning off the battery nothing happens. The plane just sits there, cold and dark. I restart the aircraft and move it to another location thinking it needs to be in a certain location. I shutdown the aircraft and turn off the battery. The aircraft sits there cold and dark. I try different cameras with no change. I turn on the battery and contact ATC. Maybe I missed something. One time I started everything up and flew to a different airport thinking I needed to be at the “right” airport. No luck.

This is very frustrating because I’m wasting my time trying to get the flight closed properly. I’m working on several achievements (likeParis to Seattle) that need to be recorded in my logbook. Until the flight ends I have no way of knowing if or how much of my flight is recorded. Several of my flights are “do-overs” because of logbook entryways made. The inconsistency is troublesome because o don’t know what will happen after I land.

It seems like every update a couple of major things break and these minor problems are brushed off.

It’s usually Avionics Off + Fuel or Mixture Cut Off.

I’ve don’t recall ever needing to turn the battery off to trigger the logbook.

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