C172 Classic Parking Brake Default Off

The C172 Classic Parking Brake Default is Off. This has been like this for a very long time. I have just been putting up with it but really it should be fixed so the default is Parking Brake ON.

If you spawn to an area that happens to be sloped and you don’t quickly apply the parking brake the aircraft rolls away off into trees (when doing bush flying) - MEFS/Asobo please fix this,

Checking for parking brake is pretty much the first thing on the checklist. Yeah, it technically should be on by default, but it’s the first thing you should chck in a plane anyway.

You could get in the habit of applying the brakes with the pedals before you push the simulator’s “READY TO FLY” button.

I know that it is normal to leave the parking brake off when a real Cessna 172 is parked for more than an hour or so; wheel chocks are used to keep it in place. See for example, the Civil Air Patrol’s “Operations Procedures, Airplane”, page 12. Just a guess, but that might be why the developers set the default to off.

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This is the correct answer.


Yes. If you live the plane on Parking Brake, ground services will not be able to move your plane in case of need. Asobo shall fix those planes where breaks are ON:)))

I agree with everything stated above (I used to fly 172’s IRL). However, this is a sim and the G1000 version has PB set ON as default.

I have been doing a lot of bush flying and some airstrip parking areas are on a slope and before I can even get a chance to set the PB, the aircraft is rolling into either trees or water, then I have to restart all over again.

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Interesting. One other thing that I observed when testing out the C172 Classic after SU6 was, that the animation of the pedals when braking does not work (pedals are not moving when braking, rudder movement is working). Can anyone verify? Is that a new bug or was it there before. I could not find a report in the forum.

You are correct the toe brake action is not animating, I had not noticed that before.

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