C172 G1000 Livery problems


I´m new here and I recently tried to create my own livery for the C172S and ran into some problems.
I followed a few tutorials on youtube and tips from the internet and did made some progress but now I´m kinda stuck.
I use Photoshot and (trying to) Blender.
Photoshop works fine for me as I know it but Blender bugs me.
The 3D model of the C172G1000 in Blender is, eg., not paintable on the vertical stabilizer. Also i cannot remove the wing struts so everytime I place a decal on the Fuselage it is also on the struts and creates a “shadow” on the fuselage behind.
anyways I worked around the “shadow problem” in Photoshop and saved the project for the time beeing. Now I reopened the Project in Blender to continue but now it seems that parts of the 3D model are missing or invisible? I can´t put any more logos on the Fuselage like this…

It´s not over ^^… I Opened a new Project wit th 3D model of the Cessna and started from zero. Now when I switch from Object Mode to Texture Mode to add a decal, go back to object Mode to select the fuselage, I cannot go back to Texture Mode… Only Object Mode is there to select instead of usually six or seven possible modes.

I tried to find any info to these problems on the Internet but some say they had the same Issue but did not say how they solved it (shadow from the struts and VS) or, mostly I can´t find anything helpful.

I try to do my best in explaining and understanding, hopefully someone can help me and maybe others who have similar issues :slight_smile:

Best regards,