C510 Mustang simbrief FP

I have the C510 Mustang, and when I use simbrief using their C510 Mustang aircraft, I keep getting flight exceeds the distance required. One flight was only 600 nm, one only 380 nm. I even looked at real flights on flight aware and they were flying 800+ miles. The flight distance for the plane is over 1,000 nm. I think the simbrief is way off from the real one. Does anyone have a profile for the C510 that is more accurate, than the one on simbrief?

As far as I know, SimBrief does not only consider the distance between departure airport and destination when calculating the fuel to be loaded, but also the additional distance to the alternate. Could this be the cause of your problem?

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Well, I had done one flight from KPDX to KLAS 863 mi. Now I tried KPDX to KSFO 623 mi, letting simbrief auto load passengers, ZFW, and ALT. Still got exceeded flight distance and over MTOW. I changed the people to 1, just the pilot. Still got exceeded flight distance. Either there’s a problem with simbrief, or this jet can’t fly very far. Even a cessna 172 could fly that far.

You should ask on the Navigraph forums since they own Simbrief now. This is becoming a Tech Support question that should go to the manufacturer.

I hope it is ok to add a new question here. This does not seem to warrant a new topic. In the C510, how do I operate the speed brakes?

I looked up your question on the Cockspur discord. Apparently, the real aircraft speed brakes are operated via a control on the left throttle. That’s not functioning here, so a hardware binding is the only way to operate it in the sim.

the solution I found was to remove the alternative airport