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Good morning
After several weeks of research (forums, youtube) and trial and error on the configuration of the joystick controls, I still cannot master the hover and the translation of the helicopter.
If some have the solution to solve my problem of setting the commands I am interested in knowing their solution.
I am attaching screenshots of my joystick settings

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Hi, this isn’t a bug, so you need to move it to community support. I’m sure one of the mods will be able to help you move it.

I use the throttle axis on my sidewinder ff2 stick for the collective, and the throttle on the X52 for the throttle (i don’t use the X52 stick as I don’t like the spring)

You may be able to assign the collective to the slider on the x52 throttle? Either way you ideally need two axis, one for throttle and one for collective.


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Probably best to start with the basics…

Do you have previous experience of flying helicopters in flight sims?
If you are totally new to them they can be extremely difficult to fly to start with. If this is the case you are very unlikely to find a solution with joystick settings.
I would actually go back to no curves and with sensitivity set to 0% on all axis for helicopter flight controls.
Set the cyclic axis to the stick of course. Use your hardware throttle for the collective axis. You can actually get away with not assigning the throttle, most helicopters have a governor so there is not real need to adjust the throttle as such.
For anti torque pedals use rudder pedals if you have them. If not use the sticks twist action (if t has one) or maybe a analogue rocker on the back of the throttle. Sorry I am not familiar with the X52!
On a similar note I would also actually turn assists off.

If you can remove the centring spring on your stick or use cable ties to compress the spring this would also help. Constantly pushing against the spring whilst flying a helicopter make them both harder to control and can become tiring on your hand/wrist very quickly.

As hard as it may seem, try to relax and do not beat yourself up for feeling like you have no controls. I repeat it is hard when you start out.
It is quite a slow process to progress at first and that progress only comes with perseverance and practise.

When you start out just try and keep your movements quite small. It is common and almost natural to over control the helicopter… do this and you will end up out of control pretty quickly.

When you raise the collective do it very slowly and as soon as the helicopter starts to move stop raising the collective. Use the pedals, and cyclic to counteract any movements. once you have done so continue to slowly raise the collective and again counteract any movements. If you do this right you should gradually pick up off the ground into a reasonably controlled hover. Thereafter it is really a case of continuing to make those tiny movements to remain in control.

At first I would actually just concentrate on picking up off the ground as above. Once that starts to seem somewhat natural then just try edging the nose down a touch to move forwards. The do the opposite to slow down and try and return to a hover.

That’ll do for now… plenty to try out for now! :slightly_smiling_face:
Stick with it. Keep practising - good luck!

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If you need to have throttle control in addition to collective, I recommend the large rotary at the top of the throttle handle. If your Pro model is anything like my basic X52, it will be the “Y Rotation” input. Also, if you reverse the main throttle lever axis, then you can simulate pulling up (back) on the collective to increase pitch.

Thank you for your reply; actually it’s not a bug. I use my joystick with no problem with planes; I have just switched to a helicopter with the Cabri G2 and as my problem is specific to the use of the Cabri G2, it seemed to me preferable to store it in this section.
Excuse my ignorance.

Thank you for your reply

Thanks for your advices; I use my Saitek with airplanes with no problem. I start the helicopters with the CABRI. I saw on the forums that it was much more subtle with the joystick. The purpose of my post is to find out if any simers use the Saitek X52Pro with the Cabri and then how they programmed the controls. I think that for the helicopter flight I will have to equip myself with new equipment.

Thank you for reply.

I created a separate profile for helicopters and here are my settings: -

Thank you for your suggestion; I’ll try.

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I got a saitek X52 Joystick as well, unfortunately I messed up something with the joystick pad itself,suddenly all the blue lamps started to flicker after I finished my last flight and the joystick went out of order. I guess there must be something wrong with the connecting cable especially the plugs as checked them as the pins are crooked connecting both control pads.I immediately ordered a spare cable by Amazone prime, hoping it turnes out to be right one on monday when I get it

Good morning
I’ve flown a lot of planes with my Saitek (Cessna, Beechcraft, DC-6, Learjet, Mooney Bravo, A320, B737) and haven’t had a problem.
I think that this Saitek X52Pro joystick is not suitable for the finesse and delicacy of helicopter piloting unless someone can provide me with a satisfactory solution with this equipment.
If this material is not suitable, I plan to change the model for the helicopters and I would then like someone to indicate to me joysticks which allow the helicopters to be piloted without the possible assistance but without interest for me from MSFS.
Thanks in advance.