Cache location

Is there any benefit moving this off of the main install drive, i imagine it would help but am hoping someone has more insight here.


You want your cache on your fastest drive.
The idea of the cache is to store your scenery files on your hard drive, thus speeding up the scenery draw process with those files from your computer. This can be faster than those files being accessed from the net, which is where these files are located.
Other than that, unless the size of your cache is restricted where it is, leave it alone.
There generally are fewer issues when things are left in the default install location.

Hmm ok my fastest drive is the m.2 C: drive, and that’s where the sim is installed, I just thought maybe having to DL and then draw and then save to a rolling cache might be better split between two drives.

I wouldn’t.
Fast is the key word with the cache.
That is it’s purpose, again, unless you don’t have the room on your m.2 C

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I do have the room, appreciate the help thank you gonna keep on The M.2

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