Call fueling-window via button-press possible?

Does anyone know if there is a way to call the fueling window by buttonpress? Im creating a scenery atm and have my own fuelingstation model.
Sadly it doesnt seem possible to add a taxiwayparking type “fuel” without having the models for it appearing, so i want to do it this way…

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SHIFT+F … see also this source for all shortcut keys… Google


Wow!..good to know! :100::+1:

I love those answers ^^ But tbh its my fault, i should have been more precise and dont give the button example. So no hard feelings for the tip with google (just to be sure, ive googled for this problem for days now… everywhere they say that its not possible to have a parkingspot type fuel without its objects…)

The question is if we are able to call the fueling window by any command that we trigger, WITHOUT to have a fueling spot at the airport. Lets say i have an object i made in Blender, a fueling station, is it possible to make a click action on the object that calls the fueling window, without to have a real fueling station parking (the Asobo object).

You should post this question in the FSD forum as there are pretty experienced developers available who could maybe answer the question. Regards Guido


Not everyone knows what FSD is…

I did, thank you :slight_smile: I’m there often but this question didn’t get answered so far