Call sign and flight number format


I normally leave the call sign and flight number blank in the world map customise flight tab, but since getting some new livery’s for the a320 I like to make sure it all matches up.

So let’s say im using Easy Jet what is the correct wording and format I would enter into call sign and flight number boxes?

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You would put in Easy for easyJet in call sign
Flight number I normally use a generic number like 1123

Are you using simbrief to generate flight plans?

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No just create via world map.

So flight number would it be something like EZY123 or just numbers ?

The flight number is just the digits.

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When you speak to atc they will address you as Easy 1123 in all communications

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Brilliant thanks guys

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Alternatively British airways would be



No problem, enjoy :blush:

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Interesting, anywhere to find out all of the different call signs?

You can Google Wikipedia they have a site I think

Just put in airline call signs and they should have a listing

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Flight number can also consist of numbers and a letter, for example “24J”.


Different airlines have different formats for their numbering and callsign formats.
Sometimes they match, but usually they differ.

For an easyJet example, Gatwick to Gibraltar is EZY8901, callsign Easy 61HC.

This number and callsign pairing is the same each day for the early morning flight to GIB.
If conducting a ‘ferry’ flight, where an aircraft is flown without passengers or cabin crew, ot will be numbered and callsigned EZY9001 and upwards.

G (Great Britain) registered aircraft are callsigned Easy, whereas Austrian reg use “Alpine”.

I hope this helps,

Extra: Also, now that Gatwick South Terminal has reopened, easyJet flights will have flight numbers starting with 6, to designate the use of the South Terminal.

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Thank you for this info.

So EZY8901 is that the flight number?

Yes, that’s right. The callsign would be EZY61HC, which is what would be said over the radio.

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Oh ok so not “Easy” in some cases then like was suggested by others.

When it comes to MSFS, the ATC callsign is EASY (or ALPINE), flight number is 61HC. In the FMS / transponder it will be EZY61HC (or EJU61HC).

  • EZY (or EJU) is the ICAO code, used for ATC and flight plan purposes (operational side).
  • U2 (or EC) is the IATA code, used for ticketing and departure / arrival screens for example (commercial side).

The first code is EasyJet UK (EASY), the codes within brackets are for EasyJet Europe (ALPINE).

On the radio you would say:

  • EASY / ALPINE six one hotel charlie
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Yes msfs doesn’t implement deconfliction nor does AIG with call signs

Eg: BA238 is on the commercial side, flight tickets etc but to ATC it would be BAW29G

Atc call out would be “Speedbird two niner golf

It’s just done IRL so you don’t have two aircraft with the same flight number hence it negates the conflicting call sign if two aircraft had 1123 as their call sign

You can do this in simbrief but all other aircraft will just call out their designated code ie Shamrock 1234

So it’s just something that msfs/developers will or won’t change in the future

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