Calling members of Peninsula Aero Club YTYA Tyabb Airport, Australia

If you are a member of the above, as I am, and would like to be recognised as a Friend when flying in the Sim, please leave a post here. I am not proposing organised events or Discord discussions as there are enough of those already and many people do not want to talk. I am suggesting simply recognising each other in the Sim when flying and where desired joining in each others flights, flying alongside each other, rocking our wings at each other in recognition, and just having a bit of fun. If anyone wants to, we can individual text chat through this Forum as I do regularly with a Friend in Denmark to swap thoughts on the Sim, addons etc. Maybe one day we will be able to group text chat through the Sim! This is meant to be low-key, informal and flexible, but you must have an overall positive attitude towards the Sim! Cheers.