Callsign "Air Canada"

When typing “Air Canada” into the callsign field, the sim will meld it together into one word, and pronounce it as such, which obviously is totally wrong. Do I need to use an underscore or something to separate out the two words?

I guess I could always use “Jazz” or “JazzAviation” which is the ACA regional carrier! :grinning:

Use ACA in the code instead. Thats the icao code.
For me that creates the code in ’ Air Canada’ ACA 1100 for instance, but it works

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Interesting thinking…but how different do you think it would sound if you could seperate for example “easy jet” and “easyjet” in one piece?

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So if I enter “ACA”, ATC will callout “Air Canada”?

Put a hyphen between Air-Canada

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!
It works!!! Thanks!


yep, it will

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