CallSign Names Are Blanked Out (Showing only a painted box) In Group Flights

Brief description of the issue:

-In group flight in all players mode, ALL OTHER players ‘names on planes’ are blanked out by a grey or other coloxed BOX, and all are unreadable but your own tag! Could this please be fixed asap also?

I am not referring to nameplates (tags over planes) I am referring to CALL SIGNS DONT SHOW in group flights for all others, its just a ‘painted box’ where the chosen CS should be near back fuselage on each plane…

Please add to your fixlist and pardon me if this has been posted already I did not find…


thnx MS and Asobo!

Agree. Would be helpful in group flights.

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They do that because people would make obscene tail numbers.

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And that brings up a big followup question. I know that it has been suggested that we have ATC modified, to be able to have calls/responses from the real players, and not just the computer generics. What will be used for those calls? The player tag or the Callsign that the player assigns? If there is a true obscenity issue, will they use the gamebox tag for ATC? If so, that may be a reason that it is blanked on the plane. Not to mention, there isnt enough room on the plane to display the full tag.

Would be very cool if we could see all the Call Signs.


Thnx guys for the posts…

Flyboy hints on a reason I didn’t think of. And sadly it may be true as the reason why

And Carl, good question, but I disagree on your last point, but it does fit (mine does, not yours maybe cause your still numbered and longer I see as 12 char’s to mine at 8)

I changed my gamertag it was much longer than now, and still think that if fixed its a good 8-9 characters minimum is better than a box ! But now see why this may be sadly stuck this way forever!

Cause ‘kids’ will put foul names or text there, I get it now, thnx all !

I think the best solution here is to have the tail number decal show as invisible.

Hello TFBTommy,

Thank you for this topic.
You could see your call sign but not the others.
Do other members of the group weren’t able to see their call signs as well?

I’m trying to see if your perspective of this situation is the same from another user.

Thanks Olie for the interest to the issue

To answer you (I think) = Each person can SEE HIS OWN on HIS AIRCRAFT AOK

But its when looking at ANYONE ELSE’s plane(in group flights we have many) is when this painted box appears on ANYONE ELSE’s PLANE, and only shows AOK on your OWN PLANE.


-If its done as to prevent foul language inserted there by the user to be seen by all others?

Then why not, MAKE IT AN OPAQUE (or invisible box) would appear much neater than what it is now

Or ? How hard would it be, to have the sim filter out ‘foul input’ or words found unacceptable is another option to fix this…


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agreed and thnx Neo, anything is better than this painted box!


Hi, just want to confirm (in case it matter) that one of the fun in group flying is the group picture and this bug really does not make group picture fun.

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Agreed Captain!

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Hum… I would have expect more interest on this issue by multi player fliers… is there a similar existing request for improvement?